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Hello, it is irrelevant to the subject, but I wanted to contact you thinking that you will help, I want to apply the (Preview Item) feature on your website to my own Wordpress site, but I could not find a resource about it. Could you please help me? How can I add the button structure you have applied to your products to the Single Product and Products Archive Page in Wordpress. Each product will redirect to different URL addresses as on your site. :pray: :heart_eyes:

Hi @senanurettin – thanks a lot for your topic here.

Our website is completely custom-made, so you will not be able to use β€˜our’ software for that. But it’s really to achieve by installing the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and create a URL or other field; as you can output the value on download pages as well :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your response, but when I search for Advanced Custom Fields with your tool, I see more than one plugin, which one should I install to install this structure on my product pages. @Festinger
Which or which of these plugins do I need to install?

Which search terms should I use to find this structure on Youtube, I searched but I couldn’t find the result I wanted. Can you help me with an example video or how to search on Youtube?

Hi @senanurettin,

You only need this one:

The official documentation of this plugin can be found here:

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