[REQ] w3speedster - All in One Performance Plugin

Hi there legend!

I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:



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@RogerM - I just had a chat with the developer’s of this plugin, but it seems the plugin is really hard to bypass:


What do you think?

Is it worth a shot?

I haven´t tested this plugin extensively, I ran into it when working on a client´s site as I was working on improving its performance and I found it interesting and, it did a pretty damn good job optimizing that site that had over 40 active plugins.

Personally, I would be far more interested to see a working version of WP Shifty.

I download/activate it but couldn´t use it because it was requesting a license key.

I think the fact you offer WP Rocket and other premium all-in-one performance plugins, adding a working version of WP Shifty will add far more value to the vault than getting W3Speedster to work.

My 2cc

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