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I tried the vault but there is no plugin there.

" Sorry, Download file is not available yet. Refresh the page please, if it does not work try again later. kindly report them here."


Elementor’s widget panel keep loading, and not able to click on any object. Tried on a brand new wordpress installation, but it is still not working.

What could be wrong?



If you encounter problems with the latest version, please downgrade to version 3.6.4 and it will work again.

Hi team, please help with this error:

I got these errors shown in the top part of “Plugin” section of wordpress after updating both free and pro Elementor plugins to 3.6.5 (free) and 3.7.0 (pro) respectively


Hmm, that is weird. Do you have WP debug set to true on wp-config.php?

This seems to be a warning only

@aquasp , nope I dont have it set to true, why?

How to resolve this? I asked my hosting support about this and they’ve checked it and give me this reply:

“From what I can see that notice does not affect the functionality of the plugins or the website itself, however, I will still recommend you to contact the plugin developers since it seems that something in the code of the plugin is not properly configured.”

@ukzelda I have merged your topic in this Elementor Pro topic. :slight_smile:

It looks like this error is popping up due to wp_debug.

When I install Elementor free + pro on my localhost, it doesn’t prompt this error. It will appear if I enable WP_debug.

Please try to check if you’ve enabled WP_debug somehow.

Hi, I just contacted the hosting support again, they now told me it is enabled, and I asked them to disable it, it’s not popping up that error anymore



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Please update to v3.7.1.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@FestingerUpdates probably will update soon

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Elementor Pro Page Builder has been updated to 3.7.1