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This is a support topic for WPZOOM - Inspiro PRO

The intention of this topic is to give you the opportunity to discuss problems and difficulties with other Festinger Vault customers, e.g. how to address incompatibilities or fix bugs, report malfunctioning features, or get help on how to configure this download.

:warning: You can ask us for update requests here as well! :love_you_gesture:

To request an update of a particular theme or plugin, kindly let us know your preferred version number and we will update it as soon as possible. Although update requests usually do not make much sense because we publish them as soon as they are available and we have the time to upload them.

you have added Inspiro Pro theme after my request, for which I am very thankful. But it wants me to input the license key to be able to use it. Can you please help me?

Hi @almostbroke – thanks a lot for your question here and I merged your question with the support topic of Inspiro Pro.

Please note that we do not support the import of demo content. =)

@Festinger Oh, I thought it is going to be the same as with astra theme, where one can import content as well. Can I upgrade my membership to get the license key for the theme?
I thought this will be as other themes and plugins, where you somehow inject the license key to the plugin/theme. So we can use it like if we had the license…

I am not able to use the theme without the license code…

Please note that we do not offer such a membership. The problem here is that it’s financially not feasible to provide license keys as 1 domain = 1 license = often >$59 per license.

Some plugins and themes works with demo content, but about 80% does not allow the import of demo content without a license key.

That’s odd. I have to check this from my side, as I noted this theme was working without a license key.

I’ll update this support topic once I got a solution for you.

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Oh, I was not aware of this. Since I had a good experience with Astra theme. Anyway, thank you and I am looking for an update from you.

Any update on this matter? I have tried to use the theme, but without options and importing the content it is kind of useless.

hello, any progress on this?

We did many tests in order to bypass the theme security checks, but unfortunately, we were not able to bypass it due to many encoded files. At this moment, I would suggest you choose a different theme, as this item cannot be used. We will keep trying to find a way and keep the download online so other customers can see if they can manage to bypass the security. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please update WPZOOM - Inspiro PRO 1.4.3 to 1.10.5. @FestingerUpdates