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Let me test the code again (it might be possible that earlier provided codes have stopped working).

Hello, Im using the plugin pretty table of contents (Pretty Table of Contents for Elementor – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org) in order to show friendly URLs in the anchors of a table of content added to elementor (the native elementor table of contents just creates ugly URLs) and I have installed wprocket but the javascript delay feature breaks the table of content. Im trying to exclude the table of contents js but it doesn’t help:


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What will happen if you exclude the entire /pretty-stable-of-contents-for-elementor/* folder?

WP Rocket has been updated to 3.12.5.

The new WP Rocket update generates an error when you want to edit a WordPress page. If I install the previous version everything works correctly.

Hi @subattack,

What error do you get?

If I have the latest version activated and I go to edit a page, everything goes blank. I have made the test in several different webs and in all of them the same thing happened to me. I’m sorry I can’t give more details

WP Rocket has been updated to 3.12.5.

Thanks for reporting this @subattack,

I replaced the file as it was indeed causing some unexpected errors.

WP Rocket has been updated to .

It worked! Thanks for your help.

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Please update WP Rocket to @FestingerUpdates

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Please note that the latest version of WP Rocket is already

WP Rocket has been updated to