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I get this error and the plugin does not work -
“Cron reschedule event error for hook: step4wpaa, Error code: could_not_set, Error message: The cron event list could not be saved., Data: {“schedule”:“wppaagenerator_every_onehalf_minute”,“args”:[],“interval”:90}”

How to fix?

Keith C

Hello @kccan1013 – thanks a lot for your message here.

As I don’t have personal experience with this plugin, it’s good to check your cronjobs using the Crontrol plugin:

It looks like there is an issue with your cronjobs.

my server company states this - I installed this plugin and on here Log In ‹ Starter Wordpress — WordPress you can hover over the 4 actions (step1wpaa etc…) and click on Run Now… But nothing happens.

The crons are working, the plugin is not.

Thank you and best regards,
Team Python

This Plugin needs to be updated the current version is 1.42


good to go to install and try this, @Festinger ?

We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

this appears to be the exact same plugin that I downloaded don’t see any changes in comparing the two, let me test

Installed and still not working does exactly the same thing it did before, just stuck on pending, and yes I know what I am doing worked in WP for over 10 years now, and own multiple ecom stores in WP

as you can see stuck and started this campaign 2 hours ago

I got the same error of my collegue kccan1013 plugin don’t work