WordPress themes

Dear Festinger, I bought a lifetime access to your vault yesterday,
because I have been on the computer for 32 years, but I only know html,
so I decided to switch to modern wordpress… I try to install any theme, everything seems to be
successful, I also activate the additional plugins for the respective
theme and nothing. I’m desperate now, I can’t manage with a nice design
even a news blog… Please tell me step by step how to install each
theme correctly to have the design imported with all elements as it is
on the preview demo view to each topic. Help!!! I want to develop a
successful international hosting and web agency, but I can’t install
even one theme correctly. I know you won’t leave me out on the board and
tell me how not to drown in the sea of ​​settings :slight_smile:

Hello @pauza – thanks a lot for your comment and support of our service.

Which theme are you trying to install and which required plugins are missing?

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