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  • AI prompt error: License or domain is not valid
    GPT3 error

Hi @aceone09,

Welcome here and please note that if you want to use the automatic GPT content creation, an API key is required.

Screenshot by Lightshot here

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@festinger I have the same issue as Aceone09, I have input the API key and I get the same error as him. My API key works with different apps, but not with wp automatic

Hi @almostbroke and @aceone09.

Thanks for reporting this. I noticed that all the features are working excerpt the ChatGPT (which is mandatory).

I will be posting a new version once we got a solution for this as the plugin is actively checking API responses and we need to bypass them.

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ok thanks

WordPress Automatic Plugin has been updated to 3.61.1.

error for updates to

I have tested it as well, unfortunately:
OpenAI API error: License or domain is not valid
No links found for this keyword

Hi @almostbroke and @aceone09,

Please note that some of the functions are not working without the license key as explained here:

Do you think you will be able to by pass this?


It isn’t ChatGPT, but OpenAI API, two very different things. You can’t build applications upon ChatGPT, but you can build upon OpenAI API.

That was the first thing.

Second, once you added your OpenAI API, the licence owner will have to pay to be able to produce long form content, otherwise for a limited time you get a limited functionality.

If one wants to use AI with WP Automatic, one has to pay. Money not going to WP Automatic, not going to Festinger, they are going to OpenAI. There is no going around this.

Dear valued community member,

Thank you for reaching out to us. This is an automated response from our helpful community robot, @festybot.

We understand that you have a question regarding a license key. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide license keys as it is financially infeasible to purchase one for every customer. However, we would like to assure you that 99,99% of the plugins posted in our WordPress repository will work without the need for a license key.

Meanwhile, I’m tagging my teammate @festingerupdates to see if the file can be replaced or updated. If it’s available, he will be uploading it as soon as possible for you. You will be receiving an email reply if it’s available.

If you are experiencing any issues or need additional support with certain features of a plugin, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members by tagging them in your message.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping to make it even more awesome.

Best regards,
@festybot (Please note that I am not a human)

You are wrong about this, I have valid OpenAI API and I receive the error mentioned above. So the problem is not with the API key, but with the issue Festinger mentioned above.

WordPress Automatic Plugin has been updated to 3.62.0.

Just tested the lastest version, still the same issue with openai

@almostbroke - there is indeed no update yet in regards to the OPENAI issue.

Please update WordPress Automatic Plugin (WP Automatic) 3.62.0 to 3.62. @FestingerUpdates

The plugins has been already updated to the latest version 3.62.0.