WordPress Automatic Plugin


You need to use the Festinger Vault plugin in order to update items =)


I don’t use the plugin, I always go under the WP-Automatic plugin and install it on my own on my site. It is the first time that it happens to me that it gives me an error when I want to update.

You cannot use the default update (if you don’t use our FV plugin) – so you need to either upload it manually or consider using our FV plugin which supports automatic updates.

Of course what I do is upload it manually in my Wordpress to update it but it gives an error.


@Festinger Same issue as the user above. It’s not installing

@Festinger Tested with the vault plugin too. It shows installed but its not. Not working

@Festinger any update?

@ilemailpertestare – I am really sorry for the delayed response as I was checking this issue but I couldn’t figure out why this was not installed properly.

I finally found out: I uploaded the full plugin zip (not the installable zip file) to our repository.

The new version 3.56.0 should work without any limitations now =)