WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time By CodeRockz

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It is asking for license activation.

WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time By CodeRockz has been updated to 1.4.0.

Indeed, this plugin needs to be preactivated.

Thanks for reporting this @maceryad

Any idea if you will be able to fix it and when? Thanks! :pray:

@FestingerUpdates → can you please check if this file can be replaced?

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WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time By CodeRockz has been updated to 1.4.5.

Hi there, I’ve managed to null this plugin (and all past versions). Can a member of @Festinger 's team get in touch?

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Hi @wired,

First of all, welcome to our community.

Feel free to share the pre-activation code here, so we can all learn from it :slight_smile:

Thank you @Festinger for the welcome.

I’m not exactly sure how to upload stuff here, so here it goes onto Mega.

Both original and nulled version. There were a few hidden extra checks apart from the licensing file so do a file diff and you’ll see.

Folder decryption key is:


Please do not attempt to use the original version on your site (well, not on prod at least). There is a callback in /admin/libs/plugin-update-checker which automatically overwrites the version with a callback to the developer.

There is also a remaining base64_decode() from the dev which I intentionally left in place after the nulling since all other activation criteria were in place and it would pass the check. Feel free to decode it and see what it does.