Wishlist items - voting, feedback, festinger assessment

Hello Festinger Team

I find it is not the best solution when one can post a wish to the wishlist and then nothing happens for long time, especially nobody knows whether and when your team attaches the plugin some importance or not any. A short review of the wish and a short statement what you think about would be very helpful for others to decide whether to wait for the plugin because it is coming soon, to wait for some votes or to look instantly for an alternative because there will be in near future no effort on your side. Especially for widely used and very popular plugins, or plugins working as addon/connector for/between such plugins, that are no niche products, you have maybe already an assessment in mind which you could post.

Also i think, the necessity of voting as requirement for a plugin to be added in future is not clear for each visitor. Who reads the request guidelines when only searching for a plugin? I at least did not know that fact before you told me that i have to vote even for my own wish a few weeks before. I thought the wishlist is considered by your team independently of any user interaction, by other factors than primarily the amount of votes.