[WISH] Please add MasterStudy LMS plugin


I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:

MasterStudy LMS PRO:
Link: “WordPress LMS Plugin - MasterStudy | StylemixThemes

@aquasp - hey man, isn’t this the theme posted here:

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Thanks a lot for the reply.

It’s almost! hehe

There is some confusion, but basically there is a theme and a plugin called Masterstudy. I think they both have the same features, but the good thing about the plugin is that you don’t need to use the theme, so you can create a site using Elementor, divi or any other tool.

The plugin itself isn’t that expensive, it’s 150$ for the lifetime.

But since there is no demand, I totally understand if you choose to don’t add. Focus on what people want more, I can buy this one for myself no issues.

I currently have the annual plan, I will upgrade to their lifetime soon

@Festinger (tagging you because I forgot on the previous reply).

But really, don’t worry about this one.

Hey man,

We would LOVE to add this plugin to our vault, but as I have never worked with this system before, I was confused between the theme and plugin. So basically, you can use the plugin with any theme and use a page builder to create the website, if I understood right?

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Yes, that is correct. WIth the plugin, you can have your own LMS system usuing any theme/page builder. Just like tutor lms for example, but I enjoy this one more hehe (it’s also cheaper and I value when devs put a lower price)

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The PRO plugin requires the free one to be installed: MasterStudy LMS – WordPress LMS Plugin – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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If you want and are interested and have a private way to do this, I can give you the credentials to download directly from the developer’s official site (since I have a subscription there).

At the same time that I like to help the GPL world, I really like to support the original authors, so I try to support both communities (both original and gpl items hehe)

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Fair deal!

I sent you a PM - we do support the original developers as well by purchasing all the original items.

However, I do like to know what the core files look like (can they be used without a license key).


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Thank you!

Just sent the message

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@Festinger feel free to update this post to (ADDED) so others can see that you added it!

And thanks again.

Thanks for the headup! :slight_smile:

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