White label where is, limeted download?

Hi , i’ m a newer lifetime member and i have 2 questions : 1 i cant see the options to make white label a certain plugin ,
2 why if lifetime membership has unlimited download and domains , i see 99 for day
Sorry for my questions i’m a newbie

Hello @thefutx – welcome to our community.

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The white label settings can be found in the Festinger Vault plugin. For more information, kindly check this guide:

Please note that the 99 download limit is just a soft limit. It will increase once you reach the threshold of 99 downloads (and it will reset every 24 hours). We have this in place in order to prevent download bulk abuse.

And the domains are not limited as we consider 999 as unlimited. If you reach the 999 - we can increase it for you without any additional charges.

Let me know if you have any remaining questions and we’re here to help you.

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