What's the difference between Template Kits & Additioal Content?


I see there are two different options available. I see Template Kits have their own dedicated page but additional content.

Additionally, how are both of these different than Elementor “demos” which FV said would not be made available (due to copyright issues I believe?)

Can someone please explain the difference?


Hi @sw3,

Thanks for creating this topic.

We have the original Elementor Templates available on the download page of Elementor Pro. These are offered as additional content and can be downloaded manually.

The other Template Kits with their individual page are provided by ThemeForest or other Elementor 3rd party websites (like Envato Elements, etc.).

I hope this helps? :slight_smile:

Yes, but I’ve read two other posts here in the community that seem to conflict with this

“Please note that the import of Elementor Pro template is considered as :import of demo content” and therefore it is not available with our services"

“Please note that the import of demo content is not supported by our services, including the import of Elementor templates as that requires an active license key to do so”

Did the policy change since you posted above here on the forum?

Or does it mean it is simply not possible to install demo content from within Elementor itself but it can be installed via FV plugin?

Kindly clear this confusion.

Could you please link me to this source, as it might be possible that the information is outdated? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume that the content wasn’t clearly explained, so please let me know where you read this and we are happy to correct it. :slight_smile:

Please check the following:

Thanks for providing the links. Please note that these comments are related to the import of demo content of a particular theme, not the import of Elementor Template Kits. As these themes use XML files often to import the templates, there is no way to provide them offline.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Sorry but can you clarify why it is not possible tim import XML file offline? Why is it different than importing any other file?

We can download all Elementor Pro Template Kits directly from their servers and the demo content of themes cannot be retrieved directly.

But couldn’t you download the demo XML file once it is downloaded to your WP site? And then upload to the vault?

Thank you

That’s correct. We’re not able to extract them from the servers of the developer.