Update only for the FV plugin

Hi there,

I have a suggestion.

It would be great to have a feature that you only can update the plugins using the festinger vault plugin. So clients or something cannot install other plugins that are in the vault

Hi @ConicalCanvas82,

Thanks for your suggestion, but this is already available on our current system:

Just disable DL and install access, and you can use it for automatic updates only :wink:

Thats great! How long does it take before I see the results? I have noticed when I disable the function I still can download the files. And what does the cache option do for this plugin?

This feature is already in place, so it should work 100% for your domains as well.

Please check more carefully, as it’s working on all our staging websites:

Sometimes, our plugin loads an outdated version of the cache and it may be incompatible with for example, server-side caching (some customers reported issues with Varnish), so you can disable the caching functionality of our plugin :slight_smile:

All clear thanks!


This feature has been fixed/added.

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