Update all plugins and download limit

Hi, i have 82 sites and i currently working with another GPL provider, your features are just awesome but I’m having some problems:

1.- the plugin don’t automatic update the plugins from the other provider, i have to manually download the plugin and reinstall it, i understand the lack of compatibility since you are different providers but:

2.- i sign up for the lifetime, who grants me “unlimited downloads”, but in reality i have a 99 items limit every day, so if each of my customers download or update a plugin 1 day, i have a problem.

3.- if i need to do this “manual migration”, the 99 daily limit is a problem for me, i see some people haves 999, how can i increase that quota?

4.- i read the quota autoreset in the case if needed, but i need to know if this is a manual process or is automatic?

5.- the biggest problem is the limit is per account and not per site, i try downloading in another sites and the quota is share across all sites.

Thanks for the help and continue the good work, i have no words to say how happy i am to find you, i hope we can solve this issues, thanks.

Hello @lafabriweb and welcome to the Festinger Vault community. =)

We’re happy to help you out.

Our Festinger Vault plugin will sync with all the installed plugins and themes of your current WP instance. So if you have plugins installed through a 3rd party GPL website, our plugin will recognize it and provide automatic updates for those.

The 99 download limit is just a soft limit, which means that if you reach the threshold of 99, we got a notification and check the download history. As we are removing our fair use download policy, this soft limit will be removed very soon as well.

Please note that this is a soft limit and it will reset automatically when you reach the 99 threshold.

Please elaborate on your question here.

This shouldn’t be a problem, as it’s unlimited.

We’re happy to have you as a client as well =)

Let us know if you have any further questions, we’re here to help you out.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

I tru with a website with 3 updates available and I push “force update” and the plug-in doesn’t update those plug-ins.

Then I download manually and install and works, what could be happening?

I use mainwp to update my sites, can I update from there?

My question about the limits is: what happen if a client tru to download a plug-in and I don’t have a quota? Is automatic reset and you be inform? Or you have to manually approve the download?

The updates counts in the quota? If I download the same plugin in diferent websites counts as a diferent downloads? Thanks

Hi, I’m doing some tests and I see you count the updates with credits so I have some questions:

I being deduce credits because the plug-in I update wasn’t being downloaded first from you?

I see the credits are shared across domains, if I download a plug-in today in site A automatically via the vault, I’m going to be charge if tomorrow I download the same item in another site the same day? Or any other day?

If I have, let’s say Elementor installed in 50 sites, after update I’m going to be charge for 50 credits?

Right now I’m using MainWP to update my sites, but if I try to update from MainWP the update is now allowed, I don’t care about disable MainWP, what happen with the rest of the plug-ins I download in the repository or I have the license? Are you going to update those plug-ins? I’m going to be charge of the daily credits?

Sorry for all those questions but I need to know how I’m going to deal with your festures, I use to use themeprice, another GPL provider and I had to download manually but once I install their plugin, all the updates runs automatically from MainWP.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hello @lafabriweb,

Thanks for your reply.

I just noticed you opened a different topic with almost the same questions.
Please use this thread and allow our crew to respond to it.

It doesn’t make sense to open multiple topics within a time frame of fewer than 24 hours.

Could you let us know what theme or plugin are not updating for you?

It’s not compatible yet, but it’s a feature suggested by another member. If there is enough demand for it, we will consider adding this feature.

It is automatically reset.

Yes, this will count as multiple downloads/updates.

Sorry for that, maybe I repeat some questions but even with your last answer I don’t understand how the credits works, this could be a information you should put in your sales page or somewhere we can find:

All the updates across sites counts against credits? If I have, let’s say Elementor installed in 50 sites, after update I’m going to be charge for 50 credits?

If I need to disable MainWP and loss the way you update my sites, what happen with the rest of the plug-ins I download in the repository or I have the license? Are you going to update those plug-ins? I’m going to be charge of the daily credits?

There is a way, even paying an addon or any extra tu update the quota? My main concern here is there I have 82 sites and I want to scale my business without worries about my client trying to install or download a plug-in and I run out of quota.

I understand everyone here is trying to do a business, so if is possible to pay an extra to ensure my clients are not going have a problem, specially with the updates, we can discuss that.

Thanks for the suggestion. I 100% agree with you that we need add additional information to such things on our website. Due to the development of our recent BIG update, we will add them and correct the information as well.

Yes, this is right. Each update counts as 1 download/update credit. So if you have Elementor Pro installed on 50 websites, it will cost you 50 credits to update. This is done, as the update process is registered in the history of the account holder. However, you are using the unlimited lifetime account, so you will not encounter any of these issues.

You have to use the Festinger Vault update management page to update your plugins automatically using our directory. You can decide which plugins and themes you’d like to have auto-updated and disable the ones you have a valid license for.

You will not run out of any quota as you have unlimited downloads per day. So you can easily run the Festinger Vault plugin on all your websites and control it from your account’s dashboard.

Why would you pay us extra (we’re always open to buy some extra beers :stuck_out_tongue: ) - but as you are on an unlimited plan, there is no need to do so.

Thank you very much for the great support you give, the limit issue had me worried, but I understand that as long as I use the system honestly on real websites, I can forget about that number. My last question that was not answered is if I enable automatic updates, even for free plugins from the WordPress repository, will these plugins be updated? I ask because, since I can’t use MainWP, I need an alternative to be able to update my clients’ plugins.

I understand that you tell me to do it manually, but I don’t manage my client’s website and I don’t control what they have installed, I only offer hosting with automatic updates as a service.

Finally I would like to leave you a review, do you have a page where I can value the great attention you have had with me? thank you very much again.

If you use the free plugins from the WordPress repository, you can use the default WordPress update system :wink:

Sure thing, feel free to do so:

Much appreciated!

I’m managing 82 sites, and I’m planing to escalate my service a lot more thanks to you, i can’t go manually and update the sites. And i can’t force updates from your panel is those auto updates are not enabled. You also doesn’t have an option to mark everything as Autoupdate be default, no even mark update all from the plugin, we have to mark and wait 2 seconds each, would be great to have a select all, even if you have to put a button on the top or bottom to accept.

Those are nice feature requests, but I don’t want to duplicate threads again, can you move this message, or you allow me to publish this? thanks.

You have to indeed enable all the automatic updates manually for all of your websites.

We will check if this can be added as a new feature.

Please submit it here as a new feature: