Unexpected Downtime: DDOS attack on our backend

Hi all,

Please note that your license and downloads will not work at this moment due to an aggressive DDOS attack on our backend server. The backend server is used for the license and download system.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience and we’re doing our upper best to counter-fight these DDOS attacks and mitigate them.

Your license might show as ‘suspended’ but that’s not the case: as the main website cannot connect to our backend server, this is a false response.

We will update this thread once the backend server is up-and-running again.

Thank you for your patience.



Thanks for the update mate, keep up the good work!

On another note, how secure is the current setup? If these hackers were able to access the license server would they then be able to update files on every persons website thats attached to the license server? Like with auto updates?

Our setup is VERY secure – but a DDOS attack is very different than a hacker’s attempt.
No one has access to our backend server. :wink:


Good to know, thanks mate.

The reason I mentioned it is that I have read that hackers sometimes use a DDOS attack to hide other breach attempts. So it may be a more sophisticated attack than just a DDOS.

They tried something similar with Protonmail a few years ago, launched a huge DDOS attack then tried to gain access with other smaller attacks.

Im sure you know far more than me though :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your comment man!

We’re using 3 different techniques to verify the license checks, so there is no way to bypass it. :slight_smile:
Besides that, all our information is stored encrypted.

We will update you as soon as possible.


Thank you for the update Festinger.

I like this way of communication.

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Good luck friend, thanks for your news

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The DDOS attacks have been mitigated.

Everything should work again as expected.

Please let me know in case you have still any problems.

Thank you very much for your patience guys.


Still happening? It shows my account as suspended. Don’t know if it’s my account or the DDOS.

It says I have no license keys activated. Is it not resolved yet?

Is the server back down?

what new ?

We mitigated the DDOS attacks again.

Thank you for your patience.

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