The official guide for using the Festinger Vault plugin

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Welcome to the Festinger Vault Plugin official guide! One of the biggest advantages of Festinger vault is the automatic updates directly from the wp-admin. So in this guide, we’ll take a look at the features and how to best use the plugin.


First thing, you can download the plugin by clicking HERE or going to the main website and clicking here:

After the zip file is in your computer, you can open your Wordpress Dashboard, go to Plugins → Add new → Upload plugin → Choose File. Now select the and click on install now. Like this:

Finally, activate the plugin:


Now you should see a Festinger Vault section inside your wp-admin. If you click on it, you should see this screen and all the plugin options:

By default, the plugin isn’t active. To activate it, you can buy a license HERE or if you already have a license, you can get the key on your DASHBOARD

On the dashboard, you will be able to check all licenses that you bought/own:

The license will looks like this: (do not try this one as it won’t work because is already used)


Now, to activate the license on your wp-admin, go to Festinger Vault → Activation:

Please notice that the domain will be associated with your license until your remove it from the dashboard or disable the the plugin from wp-admin.

Installing from the vault

With your license activated, you can now go to the “Vault” section of the plugin and install or download any plugin that you want to. Installing means to install and activate it on your wp-admin, with just 2 clicks.

Downloading means to donwload the .zip of the plugin/theme to install manually on any site that you want to:

When clicking on install or activate, a prompt will appear to confirm which license you want to use to download/install the plugin/theme:

Once you click on that, the plugin will be successfully installed on your wp-admin.

You can also filter the results, by choosing only themes, only plugins, themes from themeforest, from elegantthemes.

You can even take a look on the recent items to see what was added recently and the featured items to check some famous choices.

Plugin updates

On “Plugin updates” section, you can setup which plugin you want to update automatically and you can also rollback to the previous version of the plugin if the update broke your website for some reason:

Theme updates

Same thing for theme updates. You can find them on “Theme updates” and choose if you want the theme to auto update or not.

The rollback option is also available for themes :slight_smile:


On this section, you can check all downloads that you have ever done with your license:

You can also check the details, if it was a download or a install, the date and which license was used.


This is one the best parts of the plugin. Here you can totally whitelabel your plugin.

So if you are a agency and what to provide your customers the best GPL vault in the world, you can turn on the whitelabel options on:

Then check “Enable white label” and then submit.

Once you do that, the plugin will be totally branded to you, with your logo, your name, your website etc.
(please ignore the icon that I’ve used to the agency whitelabel as it is obviously too big (512x512). A better size would be something like 30x34

Also notice that the settings option will disappear once the whitelabel feature is enabled.

If you want to undo the whitelabel, you can simply disable and enable the plugin again. This action will also remove the license, so if your client do that, he won’t be able to downlaod the plugins and themes anymore.

The last option of the settings is about the warnings. Do you know that annoying ads/warnings telling you to buy the license or to upgrade the plugin?

You can hide them!

If you block all admin notices, you will hide even the warnings that can not be closed. You can also block only the dismissable notices if you want to.

This is a example of a dismissable notice. As you can close it, it is a dismissable one, but if you could not close it, you could choose the option to hide all notices to hide it :slight_smile:

Removing the Festinger Vault plugin from a domain

We have two ways to remove the plugin from a domain:

1- Remove it from your wp-admin.

2- Remove it from your Festinger Dashboard.

To remove it from the wp-admin, simply go to plugins and disable the plugin. Once the plugin is disabled, it will not remember the key after you activate it again. This action will also remove the domain from your Festinger Vault Dashboard.

To remove it from your Festinger Dashboard, go to HERE and remove the domain:

Please keep in mind that you can only remove the domain from the Festinger Dashboard after 14 days, otherwise, you will see this notice:

Final notes

In the filters of the plugin, you may have noticed the favorites section.

We are currently re-synchronizing the bookmarks section of the plugin with the bookmarks you bookmark in your account, so for now it won’t work, but soon it should be 100$.

And that is it! Let me know if you have any doubts about our amazing Festinger Vault plugin :slight_smile: