The Best 5 SEO plugins for WordPress available in Festinger Vault

The best 5 seo plugins for WordPress that are available in Festingervault

Hello fellows, trying to gain traffic is something that we all want to do when making a site, and among different types of traffic: search, paid, social… the best type of it is Organic traffic which comes from Google search.

Why do we need SEO in Wordpress?

To achieve this traffic resource as much as possible by ranking the website to the Top ranking of google search result , we have to do SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) because wordpress won’t be able to achieve anything without us.

The more things we optimized for our site , the higher chance is getting more ranking and bring us the traffic

This is not easy work for anyone, even an experienced seo-er since there are many points that need to be covered.

Luckily, with WordPress , things are easier because it has a ton of seo plugins with powerful features to handle the website

Seo plugins complete Wordpress

The amazing themes and plugins are the best things about WordPress and make it becomes one of the strongest cms

If you heard wordpress is good for SEO, it’s true but it’s 50% only , the powerful seo plugins are the rest.

Optimize the page content (title , description , keywords, alt text, url), set up the schema for the site , internal links management, fixing the broken links …you imagine all these works without support and guidance from the seo plugins.

In this post, we will introduce the best Wordpress seo plugins that are available in Festinger Vault to help you dominate the search engine result page in the most simple way.

Best SEO plugins for Wordpress

The following plugins are helping with SEO tasks and in the most time, you just need to follow their basic steps and recommendation to achieve the best result.

Besides introducing a plugin, we will also list the alternative plugins with the same seo functions so you have to choose which one is the best fit with your site and it should be only one plugin of each type as it won’t work together.


Yoast is the most popular Seo plugin for WordPress , it covers almost all the on-page SEO optimization points. Every people use WordPress has heard about Yoast at least one time

Here are some features that Yoast brings to the website which are the most important tasks of SEO:

  • See how good is your page content optimize with the keyword
  • Optimize Title , Description , Slug of the page in real result with Google Search page
  • Readability check and suggestions to improve by steps
  • Open graph data for social channels with images and description
  • Generate the Site-map for your site with xml format so you can submit it with Google Search Console easily

In the normal use , the free version is enough but if you need the Premium features:

  • Automatic interlink linking
  • Automatic scan for broken links
  • Multiple keywords and variation
  • Remind to update the pages after 6 months

You can download it right in the Festingervault with a more comfortable price here:

Yoast also has some premium add-ons for different purposes of the site with E-commerce, News, Local SEO, Video SEO … and we have them all in Festingervault:

Alternative with Yoast you can take a look at the following plugins, they are the same type with 90% features and settings, the differences are UI/UX and some minor options like schema, tracking, analytics…

  • Rankmath: Free is enough, Pro has more than the built-in tracking features but we can use Google Search Console and Google Analytics instead.

  • All in one SEO: This plugin is worth trying the PRO since its features much beyond the Free version with: Smart XML sitemap, social integration, google News, robots.txt editor…

The PRO pack is also available in the Vault:

And many superior add-ons for more powerful and higher requirements usage that you can explore in Festingervault:

  • SEOPress: Want something new and different, this is the plugin you want with unique features: Bing Instant Indexing, pagebuilder integration, content analysis … but note to try the PRO to unlock all the power of it:

WpSchema PRO

WpSchema helps you make the beautiful Rich Snippet for your site and give you the high chance to outperform your competitors on the search result page.

We have to say handling the Schema markup code things is a nightmare before these plugins appear, they are the real saviors for the site owners.

Although the General SEO plugins already have this schema feature in the plugin, it is just for basic use, if you need to cover more post types: Article, Book, Course, Event, Job, Review, Product, Recipe, Service… These schema plugins are way to go.

WpSchema PRO is available in the Festingervault:

Along with other alternative plugins so you can try to see which one fits your style:

  • Schema Premium: Simple UI and classic WordPress settings may fit if you don’t like fancy things.

Available in the Vault:
- Rich Snippets & Schema Markup Plugin: More focus on Woocommerce and better if you want to create a nice Rich Snippet for your E-commerce store products.

More affordable price with the Vault:

WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects helps you manage the site redirection easily, manage broken links, fix 404 errors and avoid negative effects on your site with the redirect setup.

The plugin features are: Take control over the redirects, scan and verify links, ignore bad traffic…

Redirection and broken links management is an important task in SEO, use it correctly or in the wrong way will heavily impact the site ranking, thanks to this plugin.

We have it in the Vault:

Link Whishper

Link Whishper automatically scans the contents on your site (pages, posts, articles) and find out the internal link opportunity then suggest you link the words on the page in real-time.

Some great features: Autolink suggestions when writing, building links to the old posts, automatic links from the choosing keywords, adding target keywords for better linking…

Internal link is an underestimated factor in SEO that many people don’t treat correctly, use it wisely may bring an amazing result to the site ranking without paying a bunch of money for backlinks.

Link Whisper is fully activated with FestingerVault:

MonsterInsights Plus

MonsterInsights push Google Analytics to a higher level within your Wordpress, effortlessly integrates the analytic code to the site in the right way, just a few clicks and things are done, with no headache or code problems forever.

The power of this plugin can be seen through these features: Universal Analytics & GA4, real-time stats, e-commerce tracking, affiliate links and ads tracking …

Festingervault not only has the Plus version:

But the full pack of add-ons:

Why FestingerVault?

Imagine the amount of money you have to spend on these SEO plugins?

Thank god, we have FestingerVault here to bring all these amazing plugins to your site just with one-click and 8000+ premium themes and plugins directly available from your WordPress dashboard.

We hope this list will give you an idea of what SEO tools you need for your website.

Feel free to leave your feedback and discuss with us this SEO plugins topic, there are many things that we need to learn in SEO and massive plugins in the directory that waiting for us to explore.