System configuration error

Hi, I’m a subscriber to the $199 plan and when I activate the license on the system I notice that the “support” button remains active. and clicking on it takes you to your website. as you show in the tutorial this button should be deactivated and remains activated and directing to your site. see the print.

even with the active whritelabel feature and also the active license this button remains active.

Hi @colety – your 100% right.

This is a bug on our end and it will be fixed in the new version.

I will update this thread as soon as the plugin is updated.

I need to start work and this bug is hurting me a lot because I can’t start with this problem. I ask urgently to solve this problem, because I bought the most expensive plan just to use this feature and so far I haven’t been able to start working because of that. If you can fix it today I would be very grateful.

Hi @colety – I am happy to announce that this issue has been fixed.


The button is now disabled.

hello festinger, I downloaded the new version that you guys made available on the platform, uninstalled version 3.0.4 and installed the new version 3.0.5
and I activated my lifetime license and when activating the whitelabel the “support” button remains active, nothing has changed. see the proof I leave in the attached image.
I have already cleared the navigation cashe and the same error remains. I look forward to getting back to you urgently.

That’s weird. Please try to uninstall the current version and try again, as we’ve fixed the issue with version 3.0.5:

All-Plugins-‹-Trashy-Flower-—-WordPress (1)

THANKS!! the problem has been solved!! you are the best!!!

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I’m glad the issue has been resolved @colety – I will close this bug report.

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