Superio – Job Board WordPress Theme

Superio – Job Board WordPress Theme has been updated to 1.2.37 .

Can’t download or install this theme

Hi @h4xw4r,

Can you please try again to see if this issue has been resolved?

Hi @Festinger,
Yes I’m still getting this infinite loading screen:

I just uploaded theme files through cPanel. The theme works fine now maybe the problem was Bluehost uploading it very slowly.

Thanks for reporting this.

Please note that this issue is not related to the theme but rather to the Festinger Vault plugin.

Could you share some more details about your hosting environment, please?

Sure what do want me to share ?
I use Bluehost for hosting , I have the lifetime version of the plugin. By the way the plugin has some glitch like when scrolling down on search results it moves the result or forces you to scroll up again a few times before starting to work normally.

I sent you a private message in order to troubleshoot this issue in further detail. Please check your PM.