Slider Revolution

Could you also provide the addons .zip file aswell please, thank you

When downloading the file keeps displaying this. Failed - file incomplete. Could you please upload the file to somewhere else or fix the issue thats causing this.

Please check your internet connection, it’s downloading fine from our end.

Hi and happy new year! I need please this template urgently cannot find in your folder TechCo One-Pager Website Theme - Slider Revolution
Also this cannot find AI Particle Cluster Hero - Slider Revolution Template
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, these are all the templates we have at this moment.

Ok I see there are so many new very popular templates, please add them to your files. I see others also looking for updates. Thank you

Hi @Festinger the link to download the templates is giving a 404. Do you know if the templates have been moved? Could you provide the new link if you have it? Thanks so much!

Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.8.

Please update Slider Revolution 6.6.8 to 6.6.10. @FestingerUpdates

Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.9.

Please update Slider Revolution 6.6.9 to 6.6.10. @FestingerUpdates

Slider Revolution has been updated to 6.6.10.

Please update Slider Revolution 6.6.10 to 6.6.10. @FestingerUpdates

Looks like it’s update time again for this one.
Version 6.6.10