Should we add ADULT themes and plugins to the Festinger Vault?

Hi all,

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests the last few months to add adult and PRON-related themes and plugins to the Festinger Vault. While we have the request section, we do love to hear from you.

  • Yes, please add adult themes and plugins!
  • Hell no!

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We consider adding the following adult themes and plugins:

We would LOVE to hear from you if you’re interested in such themes and plugins (or not).

Feel free to add your comment here and we are happy to hear from you.


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Yes… Festinger, please add them.

Back in 2019 the themes and plugins of WP-script were there is I am right?

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I wouldn’t mind if they are hidden by default. I don’t want to navigate on the vault and see adult content by default.


Please don’t


Not using them myself, but if there is a demand, feel free to add them.

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yes, please!

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Would love to see these return to the vault.


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I second that if you do add them, please make them hidden by default. maybe a toggle in our account settings or something.


Yes, I’d love to! Thank you Festinger :black_heart:

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I think it would be a good idea for people, its all about choice isnt it. As others have said it may be best if this category was an “opt-in” type option, that way nobody would be offended with those types of images popping up in their searches :slight_smile:

Great work as ever!

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If there is a demand for it, why not

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Thank you everyone for your participation in this poll.

We decided to add the adult themes and plugins as 69% are positive.

There will be a setting from your account’s dashboard in order to activate the 18+ / adult section whenever the themes and plugins are available. In other words, it will be an ‘opt-in’ feature, so for those who don’t like these kind of niches, shouldn’t be afraid that the search results will pop up.

Meanwhile, we will investigate the WP-script items to see how we can bypass their security checks.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Take care,


If I don’t have to see them by default. Not some kind of weirdo or prude just see enough degeneracy on the internet already lol


Yes please! Add some nice escort direcoty stuff pls


That you can easily make with any of the model agency themes :wink:

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If it be added I won’t renew credits

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True, but certain scripts just as WP-script are optimized for this adult industry and these cannot be replaced with a simple model agency theme (simply, because the theme is developed for models, not for analyzing / providing video tools, etc. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks a lot for your comment here @sebcs. We really appreciate your honesty in here.

Please note that adult themes and plugins don’t mean pr*n. The suggestion and feature request will be to add it behind an option wall, so you can safely enjoy our services without finding any adult-related material.

Our goal is to make the Festinger Vault available to everyone, including the webmasters in the adult section. Reddit has an adult section, which has been turned off by default. So does ThemeForest.

Would this be a workable solution for you?

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Something to consider, as you all may know…roboscripts vanished and screwed all their customers. I have all the WordPress and plugins, and well as the PHP versions. I even have the black label and the psychics one.

If you can null them, they will come. Zero remorse lol



Sure, I know, WP-script is the best for the adult sites with all their purposefully created plugins, etc…
I was trying to reply to the comment above mine, and I meant to use a model agency theme for en escort directory. With a few small changes that can work :slight_smile:

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Sure Thing

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