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Trying this plugin on my localhost and it does not seem to save the Amazon login details once you leave the settings area and come back.

That’s probably because you’re running the plugin on localhost.

I just tried it on a live web host and it’s working flawlessly.

No, I ran it on my webserver as well, and it did not save the Amazon credentials. I can make you a video if you like.

Yes please, I am currently on mobile so I couldn’t check it out.

Here is a quick video. I tried it with all plugins disabled and had the same problem.

S3 Media Maestro has been updated to 4.1.6

I updated to V 4.1.6 and I still cannot save my Amazon connection details. The video link above shows the problem.

Mike Murphy

Hi @mikemurphys – we can confirm this cannot be resolved at this moment.

The developer of S3 Media Maestro was successfully to block any bypass of the code, by doing some server checks with saving the S3 data…

OK, thanks for the info.

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