RSS Transmute - Copy, Translate, Spin, Merge RSS Feeds

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RSS Transmute - Copy, Translate, Spin, Merge RSS Feeds has been updated to 1.0.5

Is there some API problem with this plugin?The plugin is not working. It did fetch any rss content in the last 24 hours. However, I can see that the websites have updated content.

That’s probably an issue with your cronjob. Please check if your cronjob ran successfully.

It is not because of the cron jos. It doesn’t work even when I use run the rule manually.
The plugin is supposed to send the rss articles to posts, but no drafts get added.
I disabled any spiners and I am not using any limits.
When I run manually with a low number of feed items I see a check in action box.
Activity log takes too long to update (1 hour) may be cron based function.
Titleseparator not found.
No matter in what way I run this it doesn’t return any content to the website.