[REQ] Popcorn Theme - A super-fast WordPress theme for affiliate and content marketeers [ADDED]


I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:

Title: Popcorn Theme

Link: Popcorn Theme 2.0 - Popcorn Theme

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion for our WordPress Items Wishlist.

Please do not forget to vote for your own item :wink:

Your item will be considered to be added to our 8000+ themes and plugins repository.

Please check our request policy:


How much days need to add this theme here?

After adding your request, our staff will consider adding your item to the vault. We have no deadline, but the more popular an item, the more chance it has to be added first and faster.

This wish has been added to our website in order to gain more exposure.

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pls upload this theme

Hi @Mike_Max - feel free to vote for this request =)

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Please :pray: upload this theme, I am also very much interest in the theme.

Yeah – it’s a nice theme and we will consider to add it very shortly. =)

We will be very happy to see that the pop corn theme is uploaded quickly.

Cheers, thanks a lot for your vote.

The popcorn theme is not able to download from vault, please let us know when u gonna upload the theme in the vault.

please have a look I uploaded image.

Thank you

Please upload this theme ASAP.

We send u msg u wasn’t look up till now.

Please upload this theme ASAP.

Thank you.

Hello @asifseo – our request policy is quite transparent:

You can find your answer there.

I thought more people would be interested in this theme, interesting

Still this theme isn’t uploaded by festingervault so, I have bought it at regular price from the official site.

Now, I am selling the theme with original license key at very cheap price.


You have not uploaded the theme yet as people are showing interest to use that theme but till now Festinger guys won’t listen to this view.

Please upload this theme as many people are showing interest to use that theme.

Thank you

Please watch your words; we’re adding wishes every day, but the theme should be able to use without any activations. This theme is protected with license key, so we’re doing our upper best to add it as soon as possible.


We are waiting for that theme.

Usually, this theme looks awesome and we really need it.

So kindly have a look to add the theme in the dashboard.

It’s really helpful to all people who are showing interest in this theme.

Thank you,

Hello @here,

I’m happy to announce that the Popcorn theme has been added by popular demand:

Please note that the new version and older version are uploaded.

If you require any support, kindly use the support topic of the Popcorn theme.