Req: for wordpress [CANNOT BE ADDED]


I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:

Yeah, this would be an amazing plugin to have. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion for our WordPress Items Wishlist.

Please do not forget to vote for your own item :wink:

Your item will be considered to be added to our 8000+ themes and plugins repository.

Please check our request policy:


Edit: please note that it might be possible for this plugin that it cannot be used as it’s a SAAS plugin and I don’t have access to the core files of this plugin. :frowning:

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any estimation when can this thing be available?

Please check my last comment :wink:

Could you please instead recommend other plugin that does AI content creation?

They have a non-SaaS version

Can you please link me to that one?

And do you have the source code perhaps?


here you go Search Results for “” |

you could find DL here WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free


We’ve just checked the security code and we’re sorry: this plugin cannot be used without a license key.

The service relies for 60%+ on the devs servers. So it’s unable to bypass.

Therefore we have to close this request. We will do our best to add as many as AI related plugins, but the issue remains that their service cannot be used without a license key in 99% of the cases.

I will leave this topic open for further discussion. :slight_smile:

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the plugin i have sent here is cupped to 1000 words a month maybe just can add a few 000 and it should do the trick

Thanks for the information.

However, the limitations of the API can still not be bypassed. :wink:

is there a way to use open source of some sort to create to do a remake of this plugin perhaps with api of azure or something like this?

Its possible, but that would require really a lot of custom code, so would be a total dev thing I guess.

Not sure if Festinger and his team would have time to do/learn that.

Writing a AI is no joke hehe.

This is not something we can do ‘easily’. Our own system relies on a AI network and it’s 100% custom built.

Building another platform for automatic content writing based on AI, would require a lot of time and certain coding skills which would costs a lot of money. Also, providing it for free will financially not be very feasible tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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agreed hehe

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they have added lifetime deal

Hmm, that is interesting for sure but it is very likely that even if they release an unlimited plan, if it is abused (for example, if Festinger posted the plugin here with the license for everyone) it would be against his terms and the account would be banned, so it would be pointless.

good point