Reg - dRestaurant - Directorist theme [ADDED]

Can you please upload the drestaurant theme for directorist ?

@kathir - welcome here!

Your request has been received, don’t forget to vote for your own download :slight_smile:

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Can you please let me know how to vote for the downloads ?


Just found it. Thanks.

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@kathir - I can confirm that your vote has been received! :slight_smile:

Hey, any update on this theme request please? Is it possible to upload it any time soon?

I know there is only 2 votes but just trying my luck.

Please have a read here:

i also want to try the theme. Also some others from the same directory company.

Don’t forget to vote for it :wink:

Don’t forget to vote for this wish!

After adding your request, our staff will consider adding your item to the vault. We have no deadline, but the more popular an item, the more chance it has to be added first and faster.

Please check our wishlist guidelines here.

Any news for the theme? And also other themes from the company?

please also add dDoctors - Directorist

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Hi @seoviet – there is no update yet to this theme.

We’re adding some other requests first, so I expect this theme will be added in 3-4 weeks from now.

Can you create a separate request for the other Directorist themes, please?

Hey, any update on this theme ?
Is it possible to upload it ?

Unfortunately, this theme is a pain in the *ss to pre-activate, so it’s most unlikely that this is gonna be added to the vault I am afraid.

what a pitty


Hi @here,

I’m happy to announce that we’re adding all Directorist themes and plugins today.

As @kathir requested the dRestaurant theme, we added this one as first:

Enjoy =)