[Question] Regarding Upgrading account

Hi, Lifetime accounts comes with how many domain? What is the maximum domains I can have and how much :slight_smile:

Hi @dub_byDesign,

The lifetime plans come with unlimited downloads and domain registrations.

You can check out our pricing on the pricing page =)

Yes of course,
Should consider adding how many domains you get within the packages as it doesn’t mention on pricing page.
unless I missed it which wouldnt surprise me

Yes agreed.

We have some price upcoming changes - so we will definitely integrate that!

Would this be a better overview for you? :slight_smile:

thats amazing, damn i need to jump on that lifetime quick before its gone of what it should be worth.

Since you asked…
Heres what I think… and what I would do,

3 membership + reseller
acceas to everything
one white label
No download, install, dropdown, on which site, so no one is gonna go download 15,000 plugin,
so keep it unlimited even though its not, kinda like badwidth on share hosting.
1 of them doesnt come with auto update and premium support, Whats scares me in all of this is the gold silver products and and the downloads limit, they shouldnt mattersince its not a consistency, and focus on domains/ resellers and thats it. My thought… But only caused you asked lol

Attached some UI for you I just put together, inspiration

WITH SOME SPACE STUFF :slight_smile:

5e dice roller

I agree it is time to close the lifetime deal. Prices could use adjustment

Heres the expended version of original above

Also, what I mentioned before, well after sleeping on it, I can see the crazy monthly expensive woocommerceplugin to be GOLD.

Nulled, I wouldnt put it there, if I would had seen that word on this site I would had never joined.
Service like this doesnt need to be free neither.

I forgot who they were but you paid 100s a month to have access to like 25 plugins… what it smashit, I donno, anyway I paid no problem, but i cannot feel or be one of them Nulled site, then its over.
anyway my point, Id pay 249 to start reselling and have full access everymonth, I just put a proposal together for a ecommerce, and from her requirement, the plugin bill yearly alone for her project was in the 4K lol

Also, if you dig mystyle, which is your style but freshen up a bit I can keep on going, Ill redesign and do the front end if you need me too which im sure this place does not lack of talents , I cant imagine the people and contact u got from here over time.

Thanks for all the input @grioreborn and @dub_byDesign

@dub_byDesign your designs are pretty neat and we will take some of the suggestions with our team meeting in the upcoming week to see if there is something we can integrate with this.

Give a 3-day sell for a lifetime on BHW, than remove future lifetimes?

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