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This is a support topic for PostX Pro – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks

The intention of this topic is to give you the opportunity to discuss problems and difficulties with other Festinger Vault customers, e.g. how to address incompatibilities or fix bugs, report malfunctioning features, or get help on how to configure this download.

:warning: You can ask us for update requests here as well! :love_you_gesture:

To request an update of a particular theme or plugin, kindly let us know your preferred version number and we will update it as soon as possible. Although update requests usually do not make much sense because we publish them as soon as they are available and we have the time to upload them.

After downloading and installing the plugin, I see that it is the free plugin that we get from the WordPress repository.

PostX Pro – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks has been updated to 1.1.6

This has been fixed. Thank you for reporting.

The Pro features are still locked. Not able to make changes on the website.

Also, the file that you added is outdated. The new version is - 2.2.24 - 10 March 2022

New: German and Switzerland Date Format Added
Fix: DIVI Builder Shortcode Preview Issue
Fix: Remove Sticky Post from Latest Posts
Fix: Pagination Duplicate Post Issue
Fix: Table of Contents Anchor Link Issue
Fix: Table of Contents Compatibility Issue
Fix: License Page Logo Broken Issue
Fix: Reusable Blocks Font Family Issue
Fix: Elementor Builder Shortcode Preview Issue
Fix: Live Preview Broken Frontend Issue
Fix: Builder Include Post by ID Issue

It has been 2 days since I purchased the product. I haven’t received what was promised to me. The PostX Pro v1.1.16 that you updated is freely available on the internet everywhere. A simple google search can land you on many websites. You are just redistributing what’s already available for free on the internet.
If you have access to the Pro version, update the file to version 2.2.24.

We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

PostX Pro – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks has been updated to 1.3.1

The plugin is not working properly. It is asking for license to use the pro features.

Hi @bloggersutra – can you post a screenshot please?

I bought Postx Pro and I have activated my domain, but I can’t download pro themes from the library and it asks me for a license.

Hello @ivand – thanks a lot for your message here and I moved your topic to the right section of the forums.

Can you post a screenshot of this issue, please?

Thanks a lot for the screenshot, but please note that the import of such content is not available without a license key.

Any ideas on how to get this content?

@ivand – if you want to enjoy the premium content of such a plugin, I am afraid there is no other option than buying an original license key.

Please update PostX Pro – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks 1.3.1 to = 2.7.4 – 28 SEPTEMBER 2022 =. @FestingerUpdates

can’t import templates kit :smiling_face_with_tear:

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PostX Pro – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks has been updated to 1.4.0

when download and install still 1.3.1 sir. please check sir