Plugin/Theme Auto Update Feature Showing Non-Installed


The section for auto-updates for themes and plugins is showing "No plugin data found. ". Is there a way to re-populate this area?

So before I got festinger I was running a nulled theme and i decided to nuke the entire site and start over only with festinger plugins and themes.

I normally download the plugin using the festinger download function and then zip it and extract it in to my plugins folder via ftp so its faster but i noticed that it’s showing i have no plugins installed when i have over 46 from festinger. I need to find a way to repopulate this area as these plugins and themes do need updates sometimes as I am getting a ton of bots visiting my site checking for vulnerabilities.

Hello @methal,

If I recall, you already sent us an email about this issue, right?

Yes, I couldnt login my account so I couldnt check the forum thread for updates. Thats why i sent an email instead but seems like I got back in my account, the reset pass link was being sent to spam.

Hey Festinger,

Any updates on a fix to this issue?

Thanks again!

Please send us your admin credentials by email to our technical support [email protected] and we are happy to check it out.

Same issue. Seeing this in Query Monitor. All other plugins deactivated, to ensure it’s not a conflict issue:

@Festinger We have figured out the cause of this problem. It comes from the number of plugins installed, regardless of if they are deactivated.

The update request is sending the data via POST, plus including all the parameters in the URL GET query, which seems to be hitting some length limits.

Suggested solutions, make a smaller query via AJAX or paginate the Plugin Updates page, so that each page doesn’t hit these limits.


In short we believe this is a Festinger plugin design issue, and not caused by any other plugin conflicts, only by the number of plugins installed. Wordpress can run perfectly fast with hundreds of plugins, and it’s often that many will just be small add-on features, so reducing ther plugin count isn’t a practical solution.

Hi @marcusquinn,

Thanks for the reminder I sent your bug report to our technical team and they will respond to it.

Once we received a reply, I will let you know by then.

Your feedback is much appreciated =)

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