Please Add MovieWP Wordpress Themes [ADDED]


I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:

Title: MovieWP Wordpress Theme


Demo Link:

Its flexible design and robust feature set make it adaptable for many movie sites.
Perhaps the coolest feature in MovieWP is the TMDB and IMDb importer which lets you quickly build your own movie directory.

@Festinger @FestingerUpdates Recently dooplay API provider stop their API services, so many sites were down,
I have researched on many theme, I think this theme will be the best alternative.
I got their premium plugin link here

Hi @shuba.kumar – thanks a lot for this request and it looks like a great replacement for the DooPlay theme.

I added this theme here:

And the required plugins can be downloaded from the support topic here:

I’m closing this request now =)

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