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OptimizePress has been updated to 1.1.24

Currently getting message: “License status: Expired
Expired on: January 1, 2022
|OptimizeBuilder|Version 1.1.24. Your licence has expired! [How to fix.]
|OptimizePress Dashboard|Version 1.0.55. Your licence has expired! [How to fix.]
|Smart Theme v3|Version 1.0.14. Your licence has expired! [How to fix.]


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@imf that’s odd.

Would you be able to post a screenshot of this message, please?

The pre-activation should be available for a lifetime.

Hi Festinger, thank you so much for checking.
Below are the screenshots:


After clicking ‘Create New Page’ Under OptimizePress, there is a message saying
" OptimizePress

Your OptimizePress license has expired.

License expired on: January 1, 2022

To restore your access to cloud based features including templates, editing, updates & support, please reactivate your license."

@imf - thank you for providing the screenshots and additional information.

I have uploaded a previous version of OptimizePress (version 1.2.23) which was working fine.

As I am enjoying a few days off, I have to check the latest version asap.

Meanwhile, please use the older version. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the older version.
I tried the previous version (1.1.23) and it was also having the same license message.

@imf Thank you for reporting this back. It looks like the developers of OptimizePress have changed their code recently and we will do our best to make the plugin available again.

We will update this thread as soon as we got a solution.

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Any plans to fix or update this for license issues? I don’t wanna waste my download credits for non working plugin so asking it

@FestingerUpdates – please update.

Please update OptimizePress 1.1.24 to 1…1.40. @FestingerUpdates

We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

OptimizePress is not working for me

asking upgration for OptimizeFunnels

how to solve this problem and have OptimizeFunnels

Hello @danielmontless,

Please note that OptimizeFunnels is a different premium plugin and we don’t have that yet.

Feel free to request it here: