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The intention of this topic is to give you the opportunity to discuss problems and difficulties with other Festinger Vault customers, e.g. how to address incompatibilities or fix bugs, report malfunctioning features, or get help on how to configure this download.

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To request an update of a particular theme or plugin, kindly let us know your preferred version number and we will update it as soon as possible. Although update requests usually do not make much sense because we publish them as soon as they are available and we have the time to upload them.

NotificationX Pro has been updated to 2.4.2

its not working

it says " Recommended: Seems like you havenโ€™t updated the NotificationX Pro version. Please make sure to update NotificationX Pro plugin "

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NotificationX Pro has been updated to 2.5.1

do i need to download each version everytime?

You have the ability to install the Festinger Vault plugin and enable automatic updates from there.

when i signed up no one told me that

how and where can i find it?

You can download it from your dashboard:

i did
and i still cant update the plugins

i hope i dont need to download it again and lose my credits!

You have the ability to install the Festinger Vault plugin and enable automatic updates from there.

its not working

  1. Install the Festinger Vault plugin.
  2. Install the NotificationX plugin from the Festinger Vault plugin (do not upload it manually)
  3. The latest version of NotificationsX is available from the Festinger Vault plugin.
  4. You do not need to use the WordPress updates โ€“ you need to use Festinger Vault โ†’ Plugin Updates.

already downloaded it and installed it manually
now if i will download it again, you will take credits


another beautiful bug

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24 hours is too long these days
you should reply within 1 hour