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Hi all to anyone reading this

I recently purchased this script and honestly did not know it did a license check, can anyone help me bypass the license check…?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @phedes1,

Thanks a lot for your message. Would you be able to let me know what you’re trying to achieve?

Please note that the import of demo content is not possible with our services.

Thanks for the reply.

Its a script and when trying to install on the server, it asks for a license code. I wanted to know if it can be bypassed.

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HI once again.

I’m not trying to import any demo, the script just asks for a license when trying to install on a server. I do have a nulled version that has the license check bypassed but I do not trust the source.

I prefer your source hence the reason I bought it from Festinger. Honestly I thought it has been nulled or wouldn’t ask for any license check.

Help will be pretty much appreciated. Thank you

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I figured it out

To anyone also having the same issue;

  1. install.php
    Remove lines 141 to 212, and leave lines 213 to 215. Continue and remove lines 216 to 225.

  2. app - Http - Controllers - Backend - UpgradeController.php
    Remove lines 38 to 79, and leave line 80. Continue and remove lines 81 to 83

Now when you reach the license check, just type in anything and u good :blush:

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Hey Phedes,

Thanks a lot for your research and reply here. I needed some time to bypass this restriction, and the code you’ve provided seems to work. Would you mind if I add this to the activation instructions?

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No problemo senor, happy to help the community

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Much appreciated! :smiley:

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I get
Error 500
Internal Server Error

when i try to install the script, I’ve done everything in inscructions and tried 3 differfent hosting with php 8.1 but all the time 500 error.
pls help


MusicEngine - Music Social Networking has been updated to

Hi, thanks for the update but still suffering from the same 500 error… any idea?

@Festinger @phedes1

Hi @FestingerUpdates – please check zip file.

The file has been replaced Now.

I found this wiki online (not sure if is there any other tutorial or doc file)

and done everything also with your latest updated version but still getting error 500… even on the local host…

Hmm, that’s really odd man.

When I install the theme on a staging domain, it works like a charm.

What version of PHP are you using (maybe 8.x is not compatible, as I am running 7.4).

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