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Hi! It’s asking me for a license key and won’t let me into the dashboard of the plugin without entering it. It says “wrong license key”. How to solve this? Thank you very much in advance.


Hi there. I’m also getting a license key request. What are the steps from here?

@alphecca38 and @mrneighborhood thank you both for pointing this out.

While we’ve added this resource just one day ago, we haven’t tested the plugin properly for license issues.

I just did some local tests and it looks like the license key is required in order to make it work.
We will investigate this issue further to see how we can bypass it and we’ll let you know shortly.

@Festinger Thanks a ton! Keep up the good work!


Thank you! I tried digging on my own and while I’m not very technically proficient with this kinda stuff, it seems the plugin relies on its API connection - as in you have to be connected to their service to actually use the builder. But I’m not 100% sure, just wanted to give me 2 cents on this matter.

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Yup - that’s indeed the case. Developers become more advanced in securing their system, they hide important settings behind an API wall - and simply returning a ‘true’ response doesn’t do the trick anymore :P.

We will fix this as soon as possible.

This is sooo exciting! I really hope you guys can solve this :star_struck:


We will do our upper best, but for now, we need more time to investigate this issue.


I look forward to using this plugin, it will raise the level of user experience. I hope they make it.

@hypermedia they can’t
@designconverte then buy a plugin instead of stealing other peoples hard work :smiley:

You have been banned.

And our community is able to null 99% of the themes, so don’t worry.

Hi, any news about this? The plugin asks for a license

Hi @mao.gomez - sorry there is no news (yet).