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Does anyone here use MonsterInsights, if so does it impact pageload / render speed?
Over the years I’ve read mixed reviews, the people that hate it claim it slows their sites down… or breaks js. And I’ve also read that the people who like it, swear by it lol. I’m pretty sure it comes down to settings and maybe deferring it.

Aside from pageload speed… has anyone come across any security issues?

Hey @Hush,

I have been using the MonsterInsights plugin for quite a while on our main website of the Festinger Vault. But we uninstalled it after 3 months of testing as we think the plugin is too bloated as we noticed that the side speed was slowing down tremendously.

Therefore we’re using the default SiteKite plugin of Google - I personally prefer to use the original plugin of a service rather than a plugin designed by a 3rd party service.

These are my experiences, I am not aware of any issues in regards to security, etc.

If you don’t mind, did you attempt to find what was causing the speed issues with Monster? Or did you just make the switch to Site Kit?
I ask because Monster has some very key things (from comparing docs between the two)… UserID tracking is one of the major things I need! Monster has alot of methods for doing this. I know this is a slippery slope with GDPR, but I must have this. I have an idea of how I can just use some custom string for userid and just call it something else.

Yes, it was the plugin entirely that is badly coded and having a negative effect on our loading speeds. :wink:

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