Make the white label feature even more white label!


My suggestion regarding the whitelabel feature.

At the moment we can partially make it a whitelabel software by adding the plugin ourselves to our clients dashboard and changing the details of the plugin. The problem comes when the plugin is de-activated and then re-activated. When a client does this the festinger vault details, along with the links, re-appear, so our clients know where we bought the plugin. This means it is not a true whitelabel.

What we need is a WHITELABEL PLUGIN that we can give to our customers with a license key. It may be difficult to create a plugin where WE can add our whitelabel details before we send it to our customers. But, there is no problem creating a plugin where ALL the details for the plugin are a “generic” name that dosent link back to the Festinger vault website in any way. Then, if our customers tried to “dig inside the plugin” they would never find out about Festinger vault.

Hopefully something can be done to make it a TRUE whitelabel plugin. I would then increase the lifetime price to $999! :slight_smile:



Thanks to @dave for bringing in this suggestion.

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Another suggestion related to the white label feature:

Although, I agree with the comments about revising the Whitelabel aspect of the plugin to be more centric to our use versus the customers’ ability to manipulate that Whitelabel by resetting the plugin. I would add that there should be additional options associated with roles. In my experience having Whitelabel options that coincide with roles is most effective. Therefore, you can associate certain plugins dependent on the role.



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Although your automation plugin is undoubtedly the most advanced I have seen in the GPL world, it is not 100% whitelabel and leaves visible clues to get to your website, I would recommend:

Rename folders and URLs with a generic name like “updater”.

It would also be positive to have the ability to change the colours and even the fonts of the plugin. I am not a programmer and although it took me a lot of effort, I finally managed to create a version with my colours, about writing the dashboard stylesheet, the problem is that you overwrite classes and IDs inherent to WordPress as wp-body-content and I have not been able to customize it at all.

You could even offer for an extra payment, the possibility to buy a version of the plugin that is made 100% with our colours and branding, personally I would be willing to pay for it.

Thank you very much for the good work.

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Hello @lafabriweb,

Great suggestions!

As we already had a discussion related to white label, I merged it together =)

Hello, I wanted to give a contribution to the community and that can serve as a basis for future updates, for me it is very important that:

My customers relate to the colours of my brand.
They cannot download Plugins and Themes to install them on other websites that are not hosted with me.
They do not see the support button, even if it is disabled.

I am not a programmer, but I have created a simple plugin where I add things that I don’t want my customers to see, but I can see it if I am logged in with my email.

I share the screen with the result and if you authorize me, I can create a post with the code and explaining how it works.


Your feedback is much appreciated.

When we start developing the white label pro feature we will definitely include the new color style customization feature.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything updated regarding white label pro. Will we have any news on the subject?

The white label feature should be improved, it is useless in its current state.

Pls explain specifically how you would like it to be improved (and why it is useless now)

I think without specific suggestions, it will be difficult for FV to improve it

What is currently in the plans for White Label Pro besides for color / style customization?