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I downloaded MainWP from here and installation went fine. Problem is that it’s pretty useless without extensions. I downloaded several extensions and can not install. the need api from the mainWP site. If you download the extensions here on FestingerVault how can they be installed?

Hey @JohnnyH ,

Can you let me know which extensions are not working for you?

I will test on my side to check how we can help.

Hi @JohnnyH – thanks a lot for your comment here. The extensions can be used without a license key of mainWP – as the license key is only used on 90% of the plugins for automatic updates. This feature is also supported with our service, so feel free to check out the mainWP extensions here.[]=contest_submission&customset[]=post&asp_gen[]=title&filters_initial=1&filters_changed=0&qtranslate_lang=0&current_page_id=50082

You can install them through the Festinger Vault plugin or manually.

Here you can read more about the Festinger Vault plugin:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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