Localhost Access

:star_struck: Summary Localhost Access allows you to install the Festinger Vault plugin on a local WordPress instance where you can test all the functionalities of our plugin or your WP-preferred theme or plugin.
:hammer_and_wrench: Availability Lifetime Pro only.
:open_book: Source This feature supports WAMP, XAMPP, LocalWP, and other localhost scripts.

The Festinger Vault plugin is a powerful tool designed for WordPress developers and website owners. One of the plugin’s key features is the ability to install and run it on a local server, allowing users to test the functionality of the plugin or theme in a safe and secure environment. In this guide, we will cover the steps required to install the Festinger Vault plugin on a local server using Localhost.

How to create a Local WordPress environment?

The easiest way to start with Localhost is to use LocalWP:

You can check the tutorial here to set up the LocalWP script:

Please note that this script is 100% free and safe to u se.

Once configured, please proceed with the following steps.

How to use the Festinger Vault plugin on Local Host?

The first step to using Festinger Vault on your local server is to download and install the plugin. You can download the plugin directly from the Festinger Vault website [1]. Once downloaded, you can open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins → Add new → Upload plugin → Choose File. Next, select the Festinger Vault.zip file and click on the “Install Now” button.

With Festinger Vault installed and configured on your local server, you can now use it to test your preferred plugin or theme. The plugin will provide all the features on your local host, allowing you to test the plugin’s functionality before deploying it to a live server.

To use Festinger Vault on localhost, you can follow the same steps as you would on a live website. You can browse the Festinger Vault database, download the products, and install them on your local server. Once installed, you can test the plugins and themes in a safe and secure environment.

Hello Festinger

When will festingervault be usable on localhost? Unfortunately it is not working yet. In february you told that it is planned and will be functional in a month:

This feature will be available once we release the new version of the plugin.

I want to install the license in a localhost while developing. when is going to be available?

This feature will be available within 2 weeks.

Hello, it’s still not working on local…
What can I do ?

This new feature is not live yet, but we are releasing it very soon.

So what is the purpose of your article which says how to use Festinger Vault on a local WordPress website if it not working ?
You explain “Localhost Access allows you to install the Festinger Vault plugin on a local WordPress instance where you can test all the functionalities of our plugin or your WP-preferred theme or plugin.” so it’s not true obviously ?

Thanks for voicing your concerns, we really appreciate that.

As we are releasing about ten new functionalities with the new update, it’s important to let our users know about the new functions and how they can use them.

Please check the opening post it says: availability and it says ‘Lifetime Pro’ only.

So, that means, it is not available to ANY of the current membership plans and will be released as announced here:

Thank for your answer.
As I’ve got the Lifetime Pro license, does it change anything ? This is really needed for me to be able to work with Local… As you said 19days ago that it will be release in 2 weeks, I start to loose hope… :frowning:

You have a ‘Lifetime’ license. The ‘Lifetime Pro’ license is a new membership type, as explained in the article in my previous comment.

Yes, we are finalizing the latest steps before releasing the new update, to make sure it’s running 100% stable for everyone rather than rushing the new update.

We also invited a group of beta testers a couple of weeks ago where the new features were able to be tested:

As this beta invited is now closed, we will release the new version very soon.

Just parking here if someone is searching in the forum “Access Denied: You are not authorized to access this page from localhost.”
I hope it’s fixed soon.

Is there any updates to this? As of 07-04-2023 I am getting Access Denied, too.

It’s only available for ‘pro’ users and lifetime VIP members: