Link Whisper Pro - Quickly Build Smart Internal Links

update pls :slight_smile:

We would LOVE to update to its latest version, but we encountered an issue with the activation with its latest version. We’re unable to bypass the security in its latest version, as it’s making a lot of server API calls. We will update the file as soon as possible once we got a solution for this.

Meanwhile, please have a look at this thread which explains the entire process. :slight_smile:

Anyone facing this issue when activating the plugin?


Hey man,

What version of the Link Whisper plugin are you using?

I am using the latest version on your website

Please follow the guidelines to activate Link Whisper:

Copy/paste and replace this code to:


And it should work :slight_smile:

Congratulations Link whisper premium is installed successfully.

I’ve installed the latest version from Vault, then copied the above indicated code in the License.php but I still see the plugin not being activated in License section of the plugin.

Or maybe regardless of status, it’s active and working? :question:

Yes, it should work as the license may show up differently.

Are you trying to use the premium features of this plugin?

Not working anymore, It tells me license field is empty when I click activate


Hey man,

Have you tried this method?

This is working fine for me.

not working for me,
after Copy/paste and replace, i get this message
Something went wrong. Your change may not have been saved. Please try again. There is also a chance that you may need to manually fix and upload the file over FTP.

i edited from cpanel file manager, it worked

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The fix is working, Thanks festinger!

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@everyone - it’s imported to follow this guide in order to activate Link Whisper:

2.0 is fresh out of the oven with some major new features :slight_smile:

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Link Whisper Pro - Quickly Build Smart Internal Links has been updated to 1.9.5

Version 2.0 is not preactivated yet and it requires time in order to get it working :slight_smile: .

We will upload this version as soon as possible.

how we doing on version 2.0?

No updates unfortunately =(.