Issue on fvplugin

don’t know where to post this.
Please fix this issue with festingervault plugin

Thanks @aghalati for reporting this.

The issue has been forwarded to our technical department.

Please also check this issue

@Festinger @FestingerUpdates Please check this issue

We just tried to replicate the issue but we couldn’t.

What version of the Festinger Vault plugin are you using?

And please send us temporary admin access to [email protected] and we will address the issue for you.

it’s 4.2.4
Sorry, because this is my client’s website, I can’t share any access with you.

I just forwarded the issue to our technical team and we will do our best to fix this issue without admin access. I’m not sure if it can be fixed without the access, as we cannot replicate it locally, but we will do our upper best.

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I just had a chat with our technical lead developer and he told us that this issue has been fixed previously in general, so it’s very odd that it is appearing on your website.

Unfortunately, without admin access, we cannot fix the issue for you as it’s really specific to your domain/website. So please reconsider providing us with temporary admin access and we will be able to fix that issue for you.

I have sent an email to [email protected] regarding this matter

Thank you @aghalati.

We received your credentials and the issue will be addressed as soon as possible.

thanks, is there any estimated time for this fix?

Would you be able to resend your email with the email used with this account on Festinger Vault? We couldn’t locate the license ID used for this email, sorry.

I have sent an email with the subject Regarding to issue-on-fvplugin/79948/13 to [email protected]

Have you received it?

Yes thanks, our development team will be checking it today!

Any Update?

We are releasing a quick fix in the upcoming days which will solve this issue. Please be patient as the issue reported is quite complex and we need to make sure it will work 100%.

Has your team checked it? @Festinger

Yes, we pushed a quickfix this morning which fixes your problem.

Please note that your domain wasn’t working when investigating… we pushed a quick fix but couldn’t test it on your domain, as it was returning a 504 error.