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The issue is still there. Its asking for license key. Can you please check again on this.Just checked this one and is not working

We’re sorry you’re experiencing this issue. It looks like this plugin requires additional investigation in order to make it work again. We will update this plugin as soon as it can be used again.

Simply disable “$irpp->License->hasPremium()” 3 times in includes/admin/settings.php to access the settings.

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Wow @nicolas - thanks a lot for your first post here and I really appreciate your contribution to our website.

This is indeed working.

IntellyWP - Inline Related Posts Pro has been updated to 3.0.9

Asking license.Can you help me?

Thanks for reporting this @can6600.

@FestingerUpdates → can you please update this file?

It’s updated version i think. 3.0.9
How can i update?

IntellyWP - Inline Related Posts Pro has been updated to 3.0.9.

I tried but can’t install.Vault says it’s installed but i can’t see in my plugin folder :frowning:

Just give us a few seconds to make it right for you :wink:

I just checked the file for you and uploaded a new version.

Please download it to your HD and upload it manually to your WordPress instance, it should solve the activation issue for you.

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Please update IntellyWP - Inline Related Posts Pro 3.0.9 to 3.0.13. @FestingerUpdates

IntellyWP - Inline Related Posts Pro has been updated to 3.0.13.

The "Hack with removing $irpp->License->hasPremium() doesn’t apply for 3.0.13 anylonger. Anyone able to help?

They are hiding the settings via JavaScript

Once the page has loaded, you can access the settings by opening your Browser Dev tools and finding the element with the html id irp-active-box

<div id="irp-active-box" name="irp-active-box" style="margin-top: 10px;display: none;">

Notice the display none styling. This effectively hides the section. Simple comment this via the Browser dev tool styles tab and you should be able to set settings and save the settings.

P.S, I was a bit too lazy to find the JS code hiding the settings, but will look into it and update here

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Thanks a lot for providing your solution here @humblearab