Important announcement: Our Lifetime Plans are being removed! Get it NOW!

Whenever I think to buy the membership, the main website get down :frowning:

@pankajkumarjangir – hold on buddy, we extend the period of this offer.

Please check this

Since Lifetime plan was extended. guess I could have waited a bit longer to get it.

Hi @D3ron – the website has been fixed and feel free to purchase the lifetime plan =)

I already purchased it 3 days ago, thought it would have been expired by now.

Due to the DDOS attacks the special deal for lifetime users have been extended. =)

Purchase total is showing 0, this is not allowing me to complete the order: Screenshot by Lightshot

Also, I am seeing on PayPal that I have to pay the taxes as well. But this should be already added in the lifetime plan.

Credit Card Worked fine.

Hi @pankajkumarjangir – that’s odd, this should be a caching-related issue because I cannot replicate the error.

Bought. they deserve every cent.
Best WP community ever


Hi @DonSYS – thanks a lot for your support man =)


More than 2 weeks and still a lifetime plan, so I guess this was just an urgency trick to get us to purchase lifetime lol.

Hi @D3ron – thanks a lot for your comment.

It looks like an issue with your caching, probably.

The campaign has been disabled for 1 week now.

I can still see the lifetime option in incognito mode (no caching problems), lifetime is not being removed is it?

I don’t know why you all care about whether this was a marketing move or not. the guys are here and delivering the work and they even wrote a plugin to simplify the updates/white labeling etc. so they’re making massive work and that’s all require time and huge amount of money because they need to buy all of these content they listed here.
So please just stop nagging and enjoy the simplicity of getting the content without searching online and downloading a bloody obfuscated malware that will purge your entire servers.
Thank you.

We have our budgets and plans so we had plans to buy at a later date but this disruption causes problems at times do of course we have the right to complains