Important announcement: Our Lifetime Plans are being removed! Get it NOW!


We’re removing the lifetime memberships very soon and this is your ONLY chance to get it for only $179!!

This is the direct payment link and get unlimited downloads for a lifetime!

You can enter the discount code ‘LOVE’ to get 10% off.


You knew this was coming your way!

There are companies that send such emails with crappy freebies that I know will never ever be probably used in my life. But no, this one is different!

I’ve got news for you - one good and one bad!

The good part is the Festinger Vault has gone from 5.000 items to now 15.000+ items!

You have showered so much love and built so many crazy websites that I have a tear of happiness rolling my cheek every time I read your reviews.


The bad one, eh?

With the new Vault, the insane server and crazy dev costs have followed and it’s hard to keep the lifetime membership option anymore!

Going forward, we will only be doing subscriptions and no lifetime!

I know this could piss some people off since they were about to buy it and I never announced this so we will keep it fair!

The lifetime option will be visible ONLY for the next 72 hours of post which disappears forever!


The advantages of lifetime membership? Unlimited downloads, unlimited domains, and lifetime future updates.

Get it now for a 10% discount by entering the code ‘LOVE’ during the checkout or pressing this link.

There you go, Festinger trying his best to keep everyone happy!
(except my finance guy lol, he wanted to stop it right away)

Have questions regarding the vault? You can always reply back to this email or create a ticket and

I would be glad to help!

tick tock tick tock tick tock

Your WordPress Guy,

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Oh, it’s very sad, my friend, but for those who have bought it, the license will continue for life, there will be no change in them, right?

Hi @socimake – yes of course, all current lifetime payments will remain their lifetime accounts =)

This is only for new payments.


I understand, dear festinger, I wish you continued success, everything is going very well, you are a very successful man, as a Turk, it was expensive at this price rate, but we did a lot of research without hesitation and the right decision was to decide to be a part of you. Good luck!

Thanks for the reminder Festinger, I just upgraded my account.

What plan wil substitute the life time?

Just joined the club :slight_smile:

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Welcome my friend :slight_smile:

This will be the lifetime plan :wink:

@paperlessterry welcome here =)

I will be getting it tomorrow. According to the website we have 2 more days is that correct?


Yes, it will be available till tomorrow. =)

Originally paid around $200-300 dollars i believe for this last year sometime, its well worth the money even at $500/lifetime so this is a STEAL of a price, at $179 if you are currently on a Monthly Plan just quickly buy this lifetime plan because its insane, wish i bought it for $179. ;(

Thanks a lot for your comment and I’m happy to read that you’re happy with the service so far =)

Its showing 179$ instead of 169$

I want to buy life time

Festinger EDIT: Please note that the price is $179 for the lifetime membership.

Hi @newdon – thanks a lot for your report.

That was a typo from my side and it has been corrected.

The price is $179 for the lifetime product with the discount applied.

Umm… I don’t know why. it’s still visible. Now it’s more than 100+ hours. I think it’s all about creating urgency. Well, I got the one. Thanks for the service… All love :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hi @tejveersingh – welcome aboard!

if we already have the lifetime, we still get to keep it, right?

Hi @joshua.murlin – Yes, if you have a lifetime membership, you don’t have to worry about losing access. It’s all about new accounts and you will be enjoying lifetime future updates =).