How do you think we do? We do loot a lifetime membership of the best idea to improve our services! :-)

Mhh i get all answers of your announcements redirected to my email, this actually sucks + i see all the emails from the responds. I think it was not intended that way?

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Ah my bad, i just see all answeres @ email. Not the users emails.

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Put as an alternative the clean version of the plugin and the process of how to perform the nulled.
Many users (like me) stop downloading from gpl sites because they don’t know exactly what was modified in the code.


How do I stop all these thread replies from going to my email?

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Change from watching to normal or muted

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the plugin to update automatically is a real plus
in the plugin I see a “favorites” tab
I did not find or understand how to add lists of favorite plugins or themes to install as needed. I spent 30 min looking despite it being written in the FAQ

but I guess if I figure out how add favorites and let’s imagine if I have 60 favorite items to install
it won’t be great without another upgrade that I think isn’t available

The list system
“List A”
“List B”
“List C” etc.

the principle and the implementation is very simple

as our needs are all very different and we create different projects

so it is logical that we need tp create lists of different themes and plugins that go well together

we create our own lists by mixing plugins and themes etc.

for the rest, you can very well imagine a button
"update all items" or “install all items one by one” or even a notification of which item has an update available.

for me it’s the real evolution that’s missing :grinning:

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Bring back favrites or bookmarks for products on the website. Maybe I am stupid enough to not find it anymore, then tell me to shut up. But if not, bring it back.

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I wanted it to be possible to present the list of all these plugins and themes outside of the wordpress admin area. The Visitor could see these 8000+ plugins and themes without accessing the wordpress admin panel. This feature would be excellent, note 10.

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Themes and plugins to update automatically
Add possibility to pay in installments like 3 or 4 for a lifetime membership.

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In our Festinger Plugin, I would love to get a one-click WP Bundle feature. For example: There can be a “speed bundle” which will install all top 6-7 plugins in just one-click to speed up the website speed and performance. There should be an option to create custom bundle for each user…so that we can create multiple plugin/theme bundles which we repeatedly use and install on our client sites.

Also, I miss the favorite/bookmark feature in the FestinerVault website.

Another great suggestion is to offer Group Buy fav-SaaS tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc.

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Thank you very much for all your contributions.

We will go through each of them and we will let you know more soon!

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You can as well try and add email templates, every app developers and web designers always lookforward to making sales with online marketing.

This templates are not cheap on the market place nowadays, even to get a good pn from mailchimp and the likes, you need to subscribe to a premium package.


Your wish is my command. :crazy_face:

You can now add and remove downloads to your favorites again. We totally forgot to re-add the feature after the visual transition.

You can browse the favorites from this list:

(you need to be logged in to access this URL)




My suggestion regarding the whitelabel feature.

At the moment we can partially make it a whitelabel software by adding the plugin ourselves to our clients dashboard and changing the details of the plugin. The problem comes when the plugin is de-activated and then re-activated. When a client does this the festinger vault details, along with the links, re-appear, so our clients know where we bought the plugin. This means it is not a true whitelabel.

What we need is a WHITELABEL PLUGIN that we can give to our customers with a license key. It may be difficult to create a plugin where WE can add our whitelabel details before we send it to our customers. But, there is no problem creating a plugin where ALL the details for the plugin are a “generic” name that dosent link back to the Festinger vault website in any way. Then, if our customers tried to “dig inside the plugin” they would never find out about Festinger vault.

Hopefully something can be done to make it a TRUE whitelabel plugin. I would then increase the lifetime price to $999! :slight_smile:



$999? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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No! :face_with_monocle::frowning:

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I would like better taxonomy.

If you go to the plugins, you can find only a category filter that is not as good as it should. If you choose Elementor, you will see far less plugins that are actually in the website.

So I would like to see it a category based on popular tool grouping. Another taxonomy for the purpose of the plugin or theme in a different selector. So I can select between forms, builder, LMS, caching etc.

The search element, should also have a category selector for those who want to use it. Like plugins or themes and the category of the plugin or theme.


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Love is in the air tonight … Thanks … =)


I love using WordPress please give me lifetime membership as I love it very much in working with themes and plugins

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I totally agree. I requested a better search function with filters… (eg search only on plugins or themes etc.)

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