How can I request updates?

Hi Festinger Community! Today we are going to explain how you can request updates for your favorite plugins/themes in our Vault.

Entering on the Community

To request updates, you will need to log in on

If you are logged, your photo will appear on the right top of the screen, like this:

If you are not logged-in, don’t worry, you can do that easily by clicking on Log In:

The login will be done automatically if you are already logged on (your account on the community is the same of your account on

Using the Festinger Plugin

If you are using our Wordpress plugin, you can click on the “support” button directly on the plugin/theme.

This button will redirect you to the correct place to ask updates. In this example, it will redirect you to WP Rocket . This is the official topic for WP-Rocket, so you can always the update for this item here.

Using Festinger Website

If you prefer to download and install things manually on your wp-admin, you can also use the website directly. To do so, just click on “Request Update” for the item that you want to request the update.

Using the Update Request button

You can request a new update very easily using the ‘Update Request’ button which you will find on every download page.

Once you press this button, an automated reply will be posted in the support topic of your preferred download, just like the sample below.

Our team will be notified about your request and we will almost instantly update your request. You will be notified by email once the update has been processed.

Asking for the actual update in the thread.

After you are on the correct place, you can just leave a message asking for the update. Something like this:

“Hey @FestingerUpdates, I see that there is a new version available for this item. May I get a update for it? THanks”

You can always tag FestingerUpdates as he is our AI that updates thing automatically if possible. Sometimes things can’t be update automatically, so our staff will manually update the item for you.

One thing to avoid

Do not open a new support ticket to request a update. Always use the support topic for the item. That way we keep things organized and efficient :slight_smile:

Notice that the support topics for plugins are always under the category “Wordpress Plugins Troubleshooting” and themes are under the category “Wordpress Plugins Troubleshooting”:

Why I need to request updates? Don’t you update automatically?

You absolutely do not need to ask for updates! We have an AI that tries to update all plugins and themes we have automatically, but this is not always possible as developers change the way they activate them. In these cases our staff will update manually as soon as possible.

If you use some less popular plugin or theme, you may have to ask for manual update for it, but once anyone asks, it will be updated for everyone. And even better, if you have our plugin, you will get the updates as soon as possible :slight_smile:

That is all, let me know if you have any other questions and enjoy!