How can I request new items for the Vault?

Hi community, hope everyone is doing great.

Doing I’m going to show how you can request new plugins or thems to Festinger Vault with style!

So let’s get started!

Requesting on Community

To request a new item, you can go directly to

Once you are on the main page, go to New post and fulfill the information:

Title(of the post): Put something like “Please add NameOfThePlugin plugin” or something like that.

Category: Choose “Wordpress items Wishlist”

Tag: Optional, but if possible, choose the correct tag (premium plugins, premium themes etc)

On the content itself, you will see a template where you can just put the name of the Item (name of the plugin or theme) and the link from the official page of that item.

Here is a example:

After adding your request, our staff will consider adding your item to the vault. We have no deadline, but the more popular an item, the more chance it has to be added first and faster.

Don’t forget to vote for your own wish!

It’s important to vote for your own wish - this way we can add it as soon as possible for you.

Rules for the request

In short, do not spam requests (do not make more than 1 request per month) and avoid overpriced plugins or themes. Also, make sure that the license is 100% GPL, so the item can be added legally.

You can check all the rules here:


Final considerations

That is all! Do not forget to vote for your own item on FestingerVault. We really appreciate it when you suggest new items and we are one of the very few gpl vaults that take suggestions, so please enjoy :slight_smile:

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[WISH] Clivo - Portfolio & Agency WordPress
[WISH] WP Ultimo SMS Verification Step
[WISH] EventON - Report
[WISH] WP Ultimo Email Verification Step
[WISH] Mura - WordPress Theme for Content Creators [ADDED]
[WISH] Ultimate Quiz Plugin For WordPress
[WISH] PasteUp! - Perspective mockups for WordPress
[WISH] Avala - Wedding & Event Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Commerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Variable Pricing Calculator (Addons Simple Product)
[WISH] Instafeed Hub - WordPress Instagram Gallery
[WISH] Quick Timeline For WordPress
[WISH] Facilio - MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Saas Startup
[WISH] Diba Large Image Menu / Elementor Full Screen Menu Widget
[WISH] Gravity Forms Auto Save Progress
[WISH] Carolentor: Advanced slider and carousel addons for Elementor WordPress plugin
[WISH] Envolve - Consulting Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Geniki Courier Voucher & Label
[WISH] FlipTimer - Addon for Elementor
[WISH] WCC - WooCommerce Currency Converter
[WISH] Estudiar - College University WordPress Theme
[WISH] ChatBubble - All in One Social Support Floating Button
[WISH] Boat and Yacht Charter Booking System for WordPress
[WISH] Sticky Header, Header Fixed addon for Elementor
[WISH] Solatec - Ecology & Solar Energy WordPress Theme
[WISH] Advanced Justified Portfolio Builder
[WISH] Chart.js for WordPress
[WISH] Rakutenomatic - Rakuten Affiliate Network Plugin
[WISH] DailyFit - Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooProSlider3D - 3D Product Slider for WooCommerce - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WPElite Advanced Accordion for Elementor
[WISH] Razorpay Payment Gateway For WooCommerce
[WISH] Wpvast Posts Table Pro
[WISH] Woocommerce checkout Later
[WISH] Doctery - Hospital and Healthcare WordPress Theme + RTL
[WISH] Ultimate Membership Pro Chat & Tickets App for Support Board
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Image Flip (with animations)
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Signature
[WISH] Extenders Pack: Advanced Extenders Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Chartina: Chart Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Agreek - Agriculture & Organic Food WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gravity Forms Digital Signature
[WISH] Covid-19 - Seat Reservation Management for WordPress and WooCommerce
[WISH] GutenPB - Page builder blocks for Gutenberg
[WISH] Gravity Forms Star Rating Field
[WISH] Zentec - IT Solutions Company WordPress Theme + RTL
[WISH] ALD - AliExpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce
[WISH] Sezam - The First Official Woo Plugin For Alibaba Dropshipping
[WISH] Kivicare - Zoom Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Attachment
[WISH] Customize WooCommerce Archive Product page for Avada and Fusion Builder
[WISH] Denzel - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce International Phone Masking
[WISH] Order Connect WhatsApp for WooCommerce
[WISH] Axacus - Business Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] WPHelpere Knowledge Base for WordPress plugin
[WISH] Advanced Carousel Portfolio Builder
[WISH] Kurt - Ajax Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gravity Forms International Telephone Field
[WISH] Trousseau - Bridal Shop WordPress Theme
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Email Template - email Template Configuration for Admin and Autoresponder
[WISH] mFolio | WordPress Portfolio Plugin for Elementor
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Connect WhatsApp
Callix - Creative Agency WordPress Theme + RTL
[WISH] Frontend Addon - WP Awesome Import Export Plugin
[WISH] Gravity Forms Connect WhatsApp
[WISH] Advanced Masonry Portfolio Builder
[WISH] Sparki | Service Repair WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Products Layouts for Elementor
[WISH] Gravity Forms Multi-step Pro - Preview Submission
[WISH] Hover Sounds
[WISH] Restrict Content for Avada Builder (formerly Fusion Builder)
[WISH] Streamlab - Video Streaming WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gravity Forms Range Slider Pro
[WISH] Coro - MultiPurpose WooCommerce Theme With MultiVendor
[WISH] Apollo - Sticky Full Width HTML5 Audio Player - Elementor Widget Addon
[WISH] Enserto - Polylang Addon String Translation for WordPress
[WISH] Belenava - Makeup Artist WordPress Theme
[WISH] DeFinance - Ethereum DeFi plugin for WordPress
[WISH] TransPro - Translation Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Corpkit - Business Consulting WordPress Theme
[WISH] MediShop - Medical & HealthCare WooCommerce Themei
[WISH] Nora - WooCommerce Theme for eCommerce Stores
[WISH] - Saas Software Startup WordPress
[WISH] Fundly - Fundraising WordPress Theme
[WISH] Baressco - Wine, Vineyard & Winery WordPress Theme
[WISH] Kutto - Pet Breeder & Adoption WordPress Theme
[WISH] Input - Data Science & Analytics SaaS WordPress Theme
[WISH] Ziggy - Pet Shop WordPress Theme
[WISH] Bakan - eCommerce Elementor WooCommerce WordPress Theme
[WISH] Tokyo - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Evona - Event & Conference WordPress Theme
[WISH] Eirwen - Modern WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Resox - Physiotherapy WordPress Theme
[WISH] Countdown, counter, timer - WordPress plugin
[WISH] Gravity Forms Calculations Pro
[WISH] Munich - Creative Portfolio & Agency Theme
[WISH] Coffo - Coffee Shop & Restaurant WordPress Theme
[WISH] Nutritix - Supplement & Nutrition WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Bizwheel - Creative Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] Kidso - Modern Kindergarten WordPress Theme
[WISH] Lovelee – Wedding & Planner WordPress Theme
[WISH] Aali - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Netfee - Broadband & Internet WordPress Theme
[WISH] Habitro - Nutrition Health and Diet WordPress Theme
[WISH] Copic – Transport & Logistics WordPress Theme
[WISH] UniCrypt - Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme
[WISH] Macstdy - LMS & Education WordPress Theme
[WISH] f8 - NextGen Photography WordPress Theme
[WISH] Hairly - Salon Shop WordPress Theme
[WISH] A3trip - Tours & Travels WordPress Theme
[WISH] Onaci - Organic Food Store WordPress Theme
[WISH] Docle - Digital Agency Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] Neftron – NFT and Crypto Marketplace WordPress Theme
[WISH] Oifolio - Digital Marketing Agency Theme
[WISH] Beloni – Workout Wear WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Elementor - Animate Headline And Highlight Extension
[WISH] Orfarm - Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme
[WISH] Jewelar - Jewelry Shop WordPress Theme
[WISH] Donism - NonProfit Charity WordPress Theme
[WISH] Acrepair - Air Conditioning Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] VEDBO - Elementor WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Adara - Elementor Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Auriane - Handcrafted Jewelry Store WordPress Theme
[WISH] Wanzor - Pet Care Shop WordPress Theme
[WISH] Neela — Onepage/Multipage Wedding WordPress Theme
[WISH] Muskan - Multipurpose Elementor WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Digico - Multipurpose Consulting WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Save and Share Cart Plugin
[WISH] Redlens - Video Blogger and Game Streamer Theme
[WISH] WP Chatbot Builder - Create a chatbot for your WordPress Website in a few clicks!
[WISH] Bernstein - WordPress Theme for Lawyer & Attorney
[WISH] Dynamic Pricing Per Product for WooCommerce
[WISH] WordPress Tab Plugin - Tab Awesome Pro
[WISH] Instagram to WordPress Posts Automatic
[WISH] Progressive Web App (PWA) & Push Notifications for WordPress & WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Membership Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Pro - Live Rates, Print Label & Tracking
[WISH] Voice messages form for WordPress – Contacter
[WISH] Image Slider Plugin For WordPress
[WISH] Product Variation Table of WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce And WordPress Featured Video
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Addons - Ultimate Product Options Plugin
[WISH] WP Animated Buttons | WPBakery Button Addon
[WISH] WooCommerce Shipping Pro for USPS (US Postal Service)
[WISH] WordPress Tour Operator Pro
[WISH] Elegant Age Verification for WordPress
[WISH] Blog Post Layouts for Gutenberg and Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Customer Verification
[WISH] WP Soundify | WordPress Audio Plugin
[WISH] Visual Composer - Animate Headline And Highlight Extension
[WISH] WooCommerce Ingenico (Ogone Platform)
[WISH] WooCommerce POS Customer Cart Screen
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Document Plugin
[WISH] Bulk Add to Cart for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin
[WISH] WordPress Profile Builder Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Advanced Quantities (Minimum & Maximum)
[WISH] WooCommerce Shipping Rate On Product Page
[WISH] WooCommerce - Simply Cart To Quote | Цены по запросу
[WISH] Countdown Timer For WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Pre Order | Pre Booking | Pre Release Purchase
[WISH] Customize Product Category for Avada and Fusion Builder
[WISH] Ultimate Popup Builder
[WISH] GoCardless Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] WP Post Filter View | WPBakery List/Grid View Addon
[WISH] MyGate Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] Plugsprice Pro Elementor Addons
[WISH] Elementor - Background Gradient Animation
[WISH] Preloader Plugin In WordPress - Preloader Awesome Pro
[WISH] AddtoCalendar - WordPress Event Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Wave Connector
[WISH] Epic Review WordPress Plugin & Add Ons for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Traveler Viator (Add-on)
[WISH] Global DNS - DNS Propagation Checker - WHOIS Lookup - WP
[WISH] TikTok Feed - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Listener – Voice Input Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Apoint - Hourly Booking WordPress Plugin
[WISH] B2BKing: B2B and Wholesale for Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on)
[WISH] Image Hover Effects for Elementor
[WISH] WPNotifier - Notification WordPress Marketing Plugin For Visitors Attention and Social Proof
[WISH] Belletrist - Blog Theme for Writers
[WISH] WooCommerce Contactless Delivery
[WISH] Vidi - Video WordPress Plugin
[WISH] DAWS-WP - Dinamic Animation When Scrolling wordpress plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Page Builder for Avada and Fusion Builder
[WISH] Empty Cart Button Pro for WooCommerce
[WISH] Restrict Content for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Composite Product Bundles Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Chained Products - Bundles, Discounts, Force sells & More
[WISH] WooCommerce Bulk Shop - Product Bundle Table Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Products Slider for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] WooCommerce TensorFlow Image Search
[WISH] TikTok Video Downloader without Watermark - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Bulletproof YouTube Videos - Backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, FTP
[WISH] WooCommerce Stripe External
[WISH] Avada Fusion Builder Display Settings
[WISH] WooCommerce MailChimp Discount PRO
[WISH] Kontakt - Ajax Contact Form
[WISH] Graphina Pro - Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables
[WISH] APO - Automatic Amazon Affiliate Product Availability Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Easy Customizer for WooCommerce
[WISH] Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Instant Articles for WordPress
[WISH] Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress
[WISH] Product Faqs for WooCommerce
[WISH] Progress Map, Directory Bundle
[WISH] Progress Map, Search Bundle
[WISH] Progress Map, Estate Bundle
[WISH] Testimonial Awesome Pro - Testimonial Plugin WordPress Slider
[WISH] Embed Youtube Search - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WP Covid 19 - Coronavirus Live Statistics for WordPress
[WISH] Generation Editor for CSS & JS
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Availability Slots Plugin
[WISH] Progress Map, Keyword Search
[WISH] WP Welcome Message | WordPress Popup Message Plugin
[WISH] Lottier – Lottie Animated Images for WPBakery
[WISH] Dinero - WooCommerce Currency Converter - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Category Hour Limit Schedule
[WISH] EDD Donation & Tip
[WISH] Cashback Coupon for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin
[WISH] Tinytooltip.js - Responsive WordPress Tooltip Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Butcher Calculator
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Enquiry & WooCommerce Request A Quote Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin
[WISH] Customize WooCommerce Archive Product page for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] Pillow Testimonial Addon WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement (Foam Selling)
[WISH] Covid19 - Corona Virus Live Stats & Updates For WordPress
[WISH] WordPress Gift Voucher
[WISH] Product Carousel for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Checkout Google Address Auto Complete
[WISH] Floating Cart Builder Pro for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator)
[WISH] WooCommerce Waiting List | Pre-sale List | Back In Stock Notifier
[WISH] Contact Form 7 - Trello - Integration | Contact Form 7 - Trello - Интеграция
[WISH] SakolaWP - WordPress School Management System
[WISH] Rain Bundle - WordPress Plugins
[WISH] Waveform Audio Filter
[WISH] Logo Awesome Pro - Partner & Client Logo Showcase Plugin
[WISH] Jumble - WooCommerce / WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin
[WISH] WP WooCommerce Product Table
[WISH] WooCommerce Popup Cart
[WISH] Latest Posts Block for WordPress (Gutenberg)
[WISH] Academie - Education WordPress Theme
[WISH] Team Awesome Pro - Team Member Showcase WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Limme - Limousine Transfers & Car Dealer WordPress Theme + RTL
[WISH] wpEasyDocs mass document management plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce User Dashboard - Custom My Account Page
[WISH] Syno Elementor Image Gallery
[WISH] Ego animated icons - widget for elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Shop As Customer
[WISH] Zonar - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Orabel - Photography WordPress Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] WooCommerce Hide Shipping Method for Product, Category & More
[WISH] Lottier – Lottie Animated Images for Elementor
[WISH] Traveler Duplicate (Add-on)
[WISH] Online Exam Management - Education & Results Management
[WISH] WooCommerce Sales Count Manager
[WISH] Simpley - Isotope Gallery WordPress plugin
[WISH] Elementor - Super Team
[WISH] WPC Product Timer for WooCommerce
[WISH] Easy Analytics Tracking
[WISH] WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management
[WISH] Fat Service Booking - WooCommerce Checkout Add On
[WISH] WooCommerce Hide Price For Guest | Hide Until Login
[WISH] Clipping Mask Image for Fusion Builder (Avada)
[WISH] Auto Robot - WordPress Autoblogging Plugin
[WISH] Elementor - Ultimate Gooey Menu
[WISH] Crsine - Car Washing Booking WordPress Theme
[WISH] Quantity Discounts & Pricing for WooCommerce
[WISH] Voxel Theme - Create Dynamic Websites with WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Email Order - Instant Order by Email
[WISH] WooCommerce Cart to Quote
[WISH] Quarter - Real Estate WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gazek - Review & Membership WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Marketplace Tax Manager
[WISH] Elementor - Block Reveal Effects
[WISH] Elementor - Ultimate Gallery Album
[WISH] BeeMail - Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce
[WISH] Elementor - Magic Popup
[WISH] Taypo animated headings - widget for elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Direct Checkout
[WISH] Zuper - Shoutcast and Icecast Radio Player With History - Elementor Widget Addon
[WISH] CBD Oil Dosage Calculator for WordPress
[WISH] Syno Elementor Product Carousel
[WISH] Elementor Custom Breakpoints
[WISH] Gmag - Blog News Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] Neeha - IT Solutions WordPress Theme
[WISH] Vertical and Horizontal - Elementor Timeline Addon
[WISH] Lordiconizer - Animated Icons WP Plugin for Elementor and WPBackery
[WISH] Lasoon - Coming Soon / Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Post Slider and Carousel with Widget
[WISH] WooCommerce Crowdfunding | Event Fund Pool
[WISH] PushAppointment - Appointment Scheduling Software for WordPress
[WISH] ACS - Automatic Currency Switcher For WooCommerce
[WISH] Carter – Advanced WooCommerce Cart for Elementor
[WISH] PWF - WordPress AND WooCommerce Products Filter
[WISH] Graphina Forminator (Add-on)
[WISH] BWD Image Hover Effect addon for elementor
[WISH] Social Share - Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin
[WISH] Pandemic Spread Simulation - Social Experiment
[WISH] Lottie Image Animation for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Corona Stats - COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Stats & Widgets for WordPress
[WISH] Faq - Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] BWD Attractive Step addon for elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Wallet Management | All in One
[WISH] Money Manager - Premium Bundle
[WISH] Counter - Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPres Plugin
[WISH] PanMail - WooCommerce Email Customizer
[WISH] Countdown - Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPres Plugin
[WISH] Wiloke Ajax Post Filter
[WISH] Booking Accommodation - Hotel & Accommodations Plugin
[WISH] BWD Dual Button addon for elementor
[WISH] WPSoftdev WordPress Navigation Menu Accordion And Blog Categories Accordion
[WISH] All-In-One WP Nearby Places
[WISH] Interactive World Map - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Subscriptions Cancellation Notice
[WISH] eNews Ticker - Breaking News Ticker for WordPress
[WISH] Auto Ebay - Automatic Ebay Affiliate Posts Generator Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce
[WISH] Taskbot addon - Customized task offer
[WISH] WooCommerce Subscriptions Custom Cancellation Rules
[WISH] Layered Heading for Elementor
[WISH] BWD Icon Box addon for elementor
[WISH] Auto Recipe - Automatic Recipe Posts Generator Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] W2S – Migrate WooCommerce to Shopify
[WISH] Floating Call Button - All In One Call Button
[WISH] Disable Shipping, Payment for WooCommerce
[WISH] Button Menu
[WISH] StockUpp - Split Order For WooCommerce
[WISH] Shop the Look Pro for WooCommerce
[WISH] Travel Booking for WooCommerce
[WISH] BWD Call to Action addon for elementor
[WISH] WebPOS - WooCommerce POS - Point of Sale
[WISH] QR Code Email Ticket
[WISH] SC Team Members Elementor Add-on
[WISH] Visual Composer - Story Maker
[WISH] Table Reservation, Food Menu & Online Food Ordering for WooCommerce
[WISH] User Redirect Pro - All in One User Redirect Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] WP Menu Icons
[WISH] WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator - Price Per Unit Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Cart Variation Switcher | Change Variant in Cart
[WISH] Particles Backgrounds Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] WPSoftdev WooCommerce Product Category Accordion
[WISH] WordPress User Notes
[WISH] WooCommerce Google Authenticator | Two Factor Authentication
[WISH] ZF Category Image Slider
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Email Attachment – WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Struninn - Youtube Feed and Playlists Slider
[WISH] Journalo - Journal Research Publication and Peer Review System
[WISH] Boxcoin - Crypto Payment Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] Pools For WooCommerce License Manager
[WISH] Blogsqode - Blog Design for WordPress
[WISH] MultiPOS - Point of Sale for WCFM Marketplace | MultiVendor POS System
[WISH] Wiloke Image Reveal Hover Effects Addon For Elementor
[WISH] Auto Movie - Automatic Movie Posts Generator Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Discount for Enavto Customers with EDD Products
[WISH] Facebook Chat Messenger for Wordpress
[WISH] WPForms - Perfex CRM Integration
[WISH] Ninja Forms - Perfex CRM Integration
[WISH] BWD Unique Back to Top addon for elementor
[WISH] Agile Stores Addons For WooCommerce
[WISH] Gravity Forms - Perfex CRM Integration
[WISH] WooCommerce TronLink Payment Gateway - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce MetaMask Payment Gateway - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Medical Prescription Attachment | Order Attachment
[WISH] WP Font Resizer | Text Resize WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Tag Image
[WISH] WooCommerce PostPaid - Buy Now Pay Later
[WISH] YouContent - Unlimited Unique Content Generator from Youtube Captions
[WISH] YouTube Subscribe Card for WordPress
[WISH] Projectopia WP Project Management - Twilio Add-On
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Only for Users
[WISH] Easy Backup WordPress Plugin
[WISH] PLG - Products List Gallery Slider for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce ELTA Courier Voucher & Label
[WISH] Coronavirus Safety Message | COVID-19 WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Yacht and Boat Rental - WordPress Booking Plugin
[WISH] Vigur Coronavirus - Live COVID-19 Map and Statistics
[WISH] Yolo Portfolio - Advance Portfolio Gallery for Elementor Page Builder WordPress
[WISH] Pricer – Price List for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Multi Locations Management Solution
[WISH] Struninn - Twitch Streambox with Chat and Videos
[WISH] Taskbot addon - An Hourly Project Posting Extension
[WISH] Ultimate Instagram - WordPress Instagram Photo Feed Gallery Plugin
[WISH] Team and Testimonial Block for WordPress (Gutenberg)
[WISH] Tip My Work - HostJane Payments Pro
[WISH] Support Genix – WordPress Support Ticket Plugin
[WISH] ProveSale for WooCommerce
[WISH] FancyPost – Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin | WP Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg
[WISH] RestroFood | Online Food Ordering & Delivery WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Advanced Files Uploader
[WISH] WP Star - White Label WordPress Admin Theme
[WISH] WhatsApp Connect - Click To Chat Shortcodes For WordPress
[WISH] Docsy - WordPress plugin for online documentation
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Filter with Ajax
[WISH] Ultimate Timeline - Responsive Timeline History
[WISH] Vespia - Creative Coming Soon WordPress Plugin
[WISH] BWD Map Masking addon for elementor
[WISH] Files Upload for WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] WordPress Word Informer - Add Word Definition to Blog Post
[WISH] WilCard for Elementor
[WISH] Perfect WooCommerce Brands
[WISH] EDD Variable License Expiration Dates
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Product Description in Loop for Products Catalog
[WISH] Blog Designer Ads
[WISH] Elemix - Elementor widgets addon wordpress plugin
[WISH] BWD Creative List addon for elementor
[WISH] BWD Dual Heading addon for elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots
[WISH] BWD Flip Box addon for elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Checkout Signature
[WISH] BWD services showcase addons for elementor
[WISH] Filter Plus — WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter
[WISH] Clever Viewer - Before After Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Discount by Total Cart Value for WooCommerce
[WISH] Elementor Form Signature (Form Widget)
[WISH] Elementor Form PDF Customizer (Form Widget)
[WISH] ExchangeNow - Cross Chain Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
[WISH] Pricing Table Block for WordPress (Gutenberg)
[WISH] WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress
[WISH] Osteo Countdown for Elementor
[WISH] Add-on Booking Hotel for WooCommerce
[WISH] SpeedPlus Check Woo Phone
[WISH] Hide Products & Variations for WooCommerce
[WISH] VIDUX - WooCommerce Featured Video
[WISH] WPGraphicator Addon For Elementor
[WISH] Job & Resume Submit Steps Indicator for WC Paid Listings and WP Job Manager
[WISH] Super Store Finder Google Reviews & Ratings Add-on
[WISH] Quicky WordPress WhatsApp Chat Support
[WISH] Selin - Creative Coming Soon WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Google Fonts Addon For WPGraphicator SVG Editor
[WISH] Osteo 360 Degree Product and Panorama for Elementor
[WISH] Awesome Gallery Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Frizty - Pet Shop WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Google Static Maps Builder
[WISH] Smart Slider Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Awesome Tube Pro
[WISH] EasyMail - WooCommerce Email Template Customizer
[WISH] Th All In One Woo Cart Pro
[WISH] WP Invoices - PDF Electronic Invoicing System
[WISH] Bond - WordPress blog to Shopify - Custom app
[WISH] TronICO - TRC20 token presale (ICO & IDO) plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Guppy Noty - SMS and Email Notifications Extension for WP Guppy Pro
[WISH] Tuturn - Online tuition and tutor marketplace WordPress Plugin
[WISH] FoodBook Plugin & Add-ons Bundle
[WISH] 3D Embedder Addons for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Advanced Easy Orders Page
[WISH] EventoZilla - Event Calendar - Elementor Widget Addon
[WISH] Wookits - WooCommerce ajax search and effective components elementor WordPress plugin
[WISH] Lottier – Lottie Animated Images for Divi Builder
[WISH] WooCommerce Redirect After Login, Logout & Registration
[WISH] WooCommerce Advanced Cart To Quote
[WISH] WordPress TikTok Feed
[WISH] Woocommerce SMS Notification
[WISH] Scoreboard for HTML5 Games
[WISH] PancakeSwap currencies value API for CryptoPay WooCommerce
[WISH] TronPay WooCommerce - Tron payments gateway plugin
[WISH] Realentor: Real Estate Property Manager WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Custom Paint Variation for WooCommerce
[WISH] Ultimate News Aggregator
[WISH] WooCommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
[WISH] WP Roulette Wheel – Spin to Win WooCommerce Coupons
[WISH] Three-D Accordion for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Contact Hunter WordPress Button — Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, callback and more..
[WISH] WooCommerce Penny Sale
[WISH] XLFly - Vertical Responsive WordPress Menu
[WISH] WooCommerce NFT Importer - Dokan (Addon)
[WISH] Media Hovers Elementor Widget
[WISH] Chaton - WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Starto - WooCommerce Responsive Email Template
[WISH] Railvoot - Email Addresses & Phone Numbers Encoding WordPress Plugin
[WISH] SolPay WooCommerce - Solana payments gateway plugin
[WISH] Spreadsheet Loader Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] BWD creative buttons elementor addon
[WISH] Customer Journey For WooCommerce
[WISH] Agile Scrum - Project Issue Management
[WISH] WooCommerce AJAX Cart Drawer
[WISH] Elementor Search and Replace
[WISH] Th Advance Search Pro
[WISH] WooCommerce Ultimate WhatsApp Solution - Orders | Notifications | Automation
[WISH] Discount & Extra Fee by Role, Payment, Shipping for WooCommerce
[WISH] CSV Reader Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] WordPress API Chainer
[WISH] Osteo Image Hotspot for WPbakery
[WISH] Osteo Image Compare for WPbakery
[WISH] WooCommerce Quick Edit Product Pro Plugin
[WISH] BWD Testimonials addons for elementor
[WISH] Google Maps addon - widget for Elementor
[WISH] Kit for Bookly - Seo, Grid View with Images, Elementor Widgets
[WISH] Stora - Advanced Shipping Options & Multi-Branch Kit for WooCommerce
[WISH] HYPER 3D - Model and Panorama Viewer for WordPress
[WISH] Login Defender
[WISH] Video Player Lite Elementor Widget
[WISH] Tax Exempt by user & user role for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce for LatePoint (Payments Addon)
[WISH] EG Notification – FOMO, Social Proof, Sales Popup and Notification Bar
[WISH] Price Product by Weekday for WooCommerce
[WISH] Google Ads Helper - Optimize Your Campaigns by Banning Spamming IP
[WISH] News Elements - Essential News Layouts for Websites
[WISH] Tile Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce
[WISH] Article Read Time & Progress Bar
[WISH] Osteo Image Compare for Elementor
[WISH] Osteo Image Hotspot for Elementor
[WISH] WordPress Instagram Feed Gallery
[WISH] WordPress Sandbox - Easy To Create a Test Environment
[WISH] Social Photos Feed Box WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Xlmega Elementor Mega Menu
[WISH] Corona Updatepro | COVID-19 Statistics Live Tracking / Update for WordPress
[WISH] WP Click Effects | WordPress Click Animation Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Orders Tracking – SMS – PayPal Tracking Autopilot
[WISH] Meet the team elementor addon
[WISH] Kuki Bar - Cookie Widget for WordPress
[WISH] Dudes
[WISH] WooCommerce Courier Center Voucher & Label
[WISH] Tell a Friend - Wordpress Plugin to Share any URL in the web with your Friends
[WISH] Osteo Accordion for Elementor
[WISH] Connect Gravity Forms with WhatsApp via Twilio
[WISH] WooCommerce Redirect To Page or URL on Add To Cart - Direct Checkout or Skip Cart
[WISH] Connect Contact Form 7 with WhatsApp via Twilio
[WISH] Sticky Floating Forms - Create Beautiful Sticky Forms
[WISH] Hybrid Optimize - Next-Gen Optimizer for WordPress
[WISH] BitPay for Bookly (Cryptocurrency Payments Addon)
[WISH] InBlocks - WordPress Blocks for Instagram
[WISH] WooCommerce Order Progress Bar | Order Tracking
[WISH] Measurement Price Calculator plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] Elementor - Ultimate Bundle Two
[WISH] Servento – A service finder and business listing WordPress plugin
[WISH] TextMagic for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] TextLocal for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] Sinch for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] Telnyx for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] Plivo for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] MSG91 for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] MessageBird for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] Infobip for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] Clickatell for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] BulkGate for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] Bandwidth for LatePoint (SMS Addon)
[WISH] FoodBook Multibranch Add-on
[WISH] Osteo Button Hover Effect for Elementor
[WISH] WooСommerce PAD Gateway for Stripe
[WISH] Element Anywhere - WordPress Element Parser Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce UPS Label & Live Rates
[WISH] Menu Editor by WP Adminify
[WISH] BitPay for LatePoint (Cryptocurrency Payments Addon)
[WISH] CSV User Importer
[WISH] Essentials for WP Job Manager
[WISH] Address Lookup Integration with ARForms
[WISH] Bopo – WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder – Build Your Own Box
[WISH] Nitrol – Multifunctional Optimization WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Surror Product Tabs for WooCommerce
[WISH] Tabbed Gallery for Elementor – Galerie
[WISH] Dimensions Measurer WordPress plugin
[WISH] Add To Cart Notification - WooCommerce WordPress Plugin
[WISH] New Zealand Post Shipping For WooCommerce
[WISH] WPQA Messages APIs - Addon For The WordPress Themes
[WISH] WPQA Search APIs - Addon For The WordPress Themes
[WISH] WPForms Digital Signature
[WISH] WPQA Groups APIs - Addon For The WordPress Themes
[WISH] WPQA Social Login APIs - Addon For The WordPress Themes
[WISH] UPS Post Shipping For WooCommerce
[WISH] Zoho CRM integration with ARForms
[WISH] WPQA APIs - Addon and APPs For The WordPress Themes
[WISH] Rcwd Sendinblue for Gravity Forms
[WISH] WooCommerce NFT Importer - Data Fetcher via Cronjob (Addon)
[WISH] Image Sizes Controller
[WISH] WooCommerce NFT Importer - WCFM (Addon)
[WISH] DAO Factory - Governance and proposals plugin for your token for WordPress
[WISH] WPForms Cost Calculator
[WISH] 3D Spherical Gallery - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Rating Field for Elementor Form
[WISH] Ninja Forms PDF Customizer
[WISH] WooCommerce MetaMask Wallet
[WISH] WooCommerce Category Merger
[WISH] WordPress Real Estate Management
[WISH] WooCommerce Hide Product
[WISH] Product Bundles - Elementor WooCommerce WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Royal Mail Shipping For WooCommerce
[WISH] Osteo Syntax Highlighter for Elementor
[WISH] Lazyline – Innovative Lazy-Load & LQIP WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WPForms PDF Customizer
[WISH] Graphina - Gutenberg Charts & Graphs
[WISH] Gravity Forms PDF Customizer
[WISH] EventON Promote
[WISH] TeamOri - Team Member Addons for Elementor
[WISH] Tiered Pricing Product for WooCommerce
[WISH] PagSeguro integration with ARForms
[WISH] Elite Licenser- Software License Manager
[WISH] Wauki: Responsive WordPress Menu
[WISH] - Instant/appointment delivery from Store Module
[WISH] Syno Elementor Timeline Widget
[WISH] Elementor Pro Form Widget - HubSpot - Integration
[WISH] AI Related Posts - AI for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Bundle Table Plugin
[WISH] ZeGuten — Gutenberg Blocks
[WISH] Donation plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] KiviCare - Google Meet Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on)
[WISH] WC Product Variations Configurator on Any Page
[WISH] SB WordPress Teams Slider Plugin
[WISH] Lottie Animations Widget for Elementor
[WISH] Switcher Field for Elementor Form
[WISH] Request A Quote Product for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce All In One Cart
[WISH] WooSearch – Popup Product Search & Filters for WooCommerce
[WISH] Lamira - Furniture Store & Beauty Shop
[WISH] B2B Marketplace Vendor Subdomain for WooCommerce
[WISH] Osteo Progressbar for Elementor
[WISH] Recent Posts Elementor Addon
[WISH] Coming Soon Products for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Filter Widget for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Quick Order - Easy Order
[WISH] Razorpay integration with ARForms
[WISH] WPCD - WP Internet Connection Status Detector
[WISH] WooCommerce Order By Measurement Calculator
[WISH] InstaFood - QR Menu, food delivery, pickup and dine-in for WordPress
[WISH] Local Pickup for WooCommerce - Pickup Location, Date & Time Slots
[WISH] Custom Related Products for WooCommerce
[WISH] WordPress Live NFT Cards Affiliates with VueJS
[WISH] PS WooCommerce BluePay Payment Gateway
[WISH] WD Elementor Elements Kit
[WISH] ChaSupport - Support Tickets System APP
[WISH] Audio Player PRO - Elementor Widget
[WISH] Dynamic Price, Discounts or Increase by role user for WooCommerce
[WISH] Osteo Timeline for WPbakery
[WISH] WooCommerce Business Tools Bundle
[WISH] Gravity Forms Connect with Google Sheets
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Connect with Google Sheets
[WISH] Blog Design Switcher
[WISH] WPGraphicator Frontend Editor Addon
[WISH] Cloud Storage Integration with ARForms
[WISH] WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Table Rate Shipping
[WISH] Bookly Mailchimp (Add-on)
[WISH] Osteo Scroll Image for Elementor and WPbakery
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Email Verification - OTP Verification
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Dealers & Retailers
[WISH] Contact Form 7 to ActiveCampaign
[WISH] Lifeline Donation Pro - WordPress Plugin 15+ Recurring Payment Gateways
[WISH] GonThemes WooCommerce Zoom Image
[WISH] WooCommerce Stock Status in Product Loop
[WISH] WooCommerce Online Doctor Consultation Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining
[WISH] Osteo Timeline for Elementor
[WISH] Elementor Pro Form Widget - Trello - Integration
[WISH] 3D Photo Card - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] Dashboard and User Account for WP Job Manager, Addons and WooCommerce
[WISH] Quick table booking
[WISH] Event Booking for WooCommerce
[WISH] Live Push Notifications For WooCommerce - Sale Booster
[WISH] Treweler - Mapbox Maps Builder and Store Locator Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] 3D Photo Room - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] WP Guppy Pro - A live chat plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce and BuddyPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Images Import by SKU
[WISH] Cost Calculator - Cost Estimation - Payment Forms Builder
[WISH] Watermark Images Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
[WISH] Sama All in One Dynamic Pricing & Discount
[WISH] WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin, Formula Based Pricing - Unit Pricing
[WISH] Live Post Filter Widget for Elementor
[WISH] Post Views Filter & Counter - Views count and Post Filter Layouts
[WISH] Countdown Timer plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress
[WISH] Product Time Countdown Pro for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Best Selling Products
[WISH] WPForms - Pipedrive CRM - Integration
[WISH] WooCommerce Shipping Pro for EasyPost (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL)
[WISH] WooCommerce Marketplace Single Seller Checkout
[WISH] Custom Menu Icons
[WISH] WooCommerce Room Paint Colors Visualizer
[WISH] FAQ for WooCommerce – Advanced Product FAQ Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Supplier Coupon
[WISH] HotSpot Pro For WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Countdown Sales & Price Discount Plugin
[WISH] DT - Ultimate Booking Plugin
[WISH] SocialBox - Social Sidebar WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Euro Football - Top Football Leagues Shortcode Builder For WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Payment Label
[WISH] Mentor Icon Pack for Beaver Page Builder
[WISH] File Locator
[WISH] Hide Price Product for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Multi Warehouse Inventory
[WISH] Osteo - Pricing Table for Elementor
[WISH] All-In-One WP Business Hours
[WISH] CryptoPay Donate - Cryptocurrency donate plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Elider - Post Carousel widget For Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Revolution Header for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Ultimate Row Gradient Background for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Zoom Product Images
[WISH] Crypto Swap - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script and Widget on Ethereum Blockchain
[WISH] Social Media Banner Plugin
[WISH] Sparkle Paddle Payment Gateway - For WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads
[WISH] WooCommerce ACH + Plaid Gateways for Stripe
[WISH] Junk Data Cleaner For WordPress
[WISH] Post Elements - Elementor Addon for Blog, Newspaper, Magazine WordPress Plugin
[WISH] B2BKing: B2B and Wholesale for WCFM MultiVendor Marketplace (Add-on)
[WISH] Breadcrumbs for Elementor – Crumber
[WISH] WooCommerce License and Serial Key Plugin
[WISH] Elementor - Story Maker
[WISH] CLEVER - Shoutcast and Icecast Radio Player for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Woocommerce Composite Products - A Smart Composite Box Product
[WISH] Covid-19 Live Updates Plugin
[WISH] Mentor Icon Pack for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] Coronar – COVID-19 Informer for WordPress
[WISH] Order Approval for WooCommerce
[WISH] Shipment Tracking For WooCommerce
[WISH] WordPress Large Images Uploader
[WISH] Artwork - Painting Wall Preview for WooCommerce
[WISH] SB Testimonials Slider
[WISH] Woocommerce Products Revolution Display for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Ultimate Before After Image Slider & Gallery - BEAF Pro
[WISH] Woo Smart Zoho Integrator
[WISH] Customize Post Categories for UX Builder (Flatsome Theme)
[WISH] Progresser – Progress Bar and Progress Circle for Elementor
[WISH] Refunds For WooCommerce
[WISH] Diamond Gallery - Image Carousel with Lightbox
[WISH] Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway For WooCommerce
[WISH] Workintry - Freelance and Job Board Elementor Extension WordPress Plugin
[WISH] USPS Shipping For WooCommerce
[WISH] B2B Marketplace Split Cart for WooCommerce
[WISH] Matly | WordPress Matrimonial User Management System
[WISH] WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification
[WISH] WPForms Tooltips
[WISH] WP GIF Editor
[WISH] Core Web Vitals & PageSpeed Enhancer
[WISH] Advanced Justified Blog Layout Design
[WISH] Brands For WooCommerce
[WISH] Recent Orders Slider
[WISH] Google Two Factor Authentication & reCAPTCHA for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message
[WISH] WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin Build Website Like Shopify/Wix
[WISH] SmartyButton - Multifunctional button for WordPress
[WISH] Progress Map, Markers Filter
[WISH] Workintry - Freelance Marketplace and Gig Based WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Elementor Pro Form Widget - Infusionsoft (Keap) CRM - Integration
[WISH] WooCommerce SuperCoins - Points and Rewards
[WISH] MultiPOS - Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce
[WISH] Calculated Field for Elementor Form
[WISH] Selection – Elementor Addons Pack for WordPress
[WISH] kit unlimited - Elementor Page Builder Addon
[WISH] Page Editor for Real3D Flipbook
[WISH] Woo Elements - Elementor Addons for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Save for Later
[WISH] Video Reviews Pro - Video Widget WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WordPress Notificator: SMS, WhatsApp, and Pushbullet notifications
[WISH] Google Product Feed For WooCommerce
[WISH] Best Price Guaranteed Plugin For WooCommerce
[WISH] Instagram For WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Condition Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Smart Bundle Product
[WISH] WooCommerce Fashion Labels
[WISH] TMDb Pro - Movie & TV Show Details Plugin for The Movie Database
[WISH] WP Online Contract PDF Print Integration
[WISH] Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors
[WISH] WooCommerce Quick View Builder for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] WooCommerce Quick View Builder for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Catna – WooCommerce Name Your Price and Offers
[WISH] WooCommerce Order On Whatsapp for WCMp Multi Vendor Marketplaces
[WISH] WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download License Manager - Digital Software License Management
[WISH] Plurkomatic - Plurk Auto Poster
[WISH] WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Information
[WISH] EasyOrder - B2B Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] QuoteX - WooCommerce Request a Quote
[WISH] Checkout on WhatsApp for WooCommerce
[WISH] Advanced Slider Blog Layout Design
[WISH] WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Floating Form - for Specific Post or Page or Full Website Content
[WISH] Fabius - Resume WordPress Theme
[WISH] Carbon Footprint Calculator For WordPress
[WISH] Sparkle 2Checkout Digital Payment Gateway for WooCommerce & Easy Digital Download
[WISH] WP Sandbox
[WISH] Recruitly Addons: Recruitment or Job listing plugin or addon for Elementor of WordPress.
[WISH] Multi-Currency for Gravity Forms
[WISH] Google Feed Manager For WooCommerce by Tatvic
[WISH] WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart
[WISH] WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin - Infinite Scrolling
[WISH] FoodBook | Online Food Ordering & Delivery System for WordPress with One-Click Order Printing
[WISH] Streamit - Live Video Streaming Player WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WorldPay Payment Gateway For WooCommerce
[WISH] Popup Builder for Avada
[WISH] CODOWPPOSTS - Post Types in Tabular Format with Client-Side Column Filtering and Pagination
[WISH] Simple Landing Page for WordPress
[WISH] SnapScan Payment Gateway For WooCommerce
[WISH] GoCardless Payment Gateway For WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Coupon and Voucher Creator
[WISH] Revio - WooCommerce Reviews for Discount
[WISH] Proteams - Team Member Plugin For Elementor
[WISH] Multi Vendor B2B USPS Shipping for WooCommerce
[WISH] Return Replace Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce RMA
[WISH] Vimeo Gallery Portfolio
[WISH] Accordion Menu - Responsive Vertical Menu For WordPress
[WISH] WP Appointment Booking & Scheduling
[WISH] EP Advanced Testimonial - WordPress Testimonial Plugin
[WISH] Covid-19 Coronavirus Live Map & Elements for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Page Builder with Gutenberg
[WISH] Postina: Ultimate Blog Posts Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Traveler Compare (Add-on)
[WISH] WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode
[WISH] WooCommerce Manual Pricing - Name Your Price Plugin
[WISH] EventON - Eventbrite
[WISH] Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce
[WISH] Nilo Slider | Creative Slider for Elementor
[WISH] Jeg Social Feed for WordPress Widget Shortcode & Add Ons for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Advanced Carousel Blog Layout Design
[WISH] WooCommerce Afterpay/Clearpay Gateway for Stripe
[WISH] Undo My Vote Addon For BWL Pro Voting Manager
[WISH] Elespare Pro - News Magazine and Blog Elements Addons for Elementor
[WISH] Create Add On For Elementor
[WISH] Elementor - Background Slider Pro
[WISH] WooCommerce Learning Management System
[WISH] WooCommerce Products Questions Answered System
[WISH] WooCommerce COD Manager
[WISH] AH Survey - Survey Builder With Multiple Questions Types
[WISH] WordPress Content to PDF | Blog to PDF
[WISH] Better User Chat for BuddyPress
[WISH] My Reading Time Pro
[WISH] Buttoner – Multi-shadow Button for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Extra Delivery Fee
[WISH] Order delivery details for WooCommerce
[WISH] WPDaddy Header & Footer Builder for Elementor
[WISH] Real3D FlipBook Addons
[WISH] Paywall for WooCommerce
[WISH] Advanced Masonry Blog Layout Design
[WISH] Mobile Login and Registration
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Catalog Inquiry
[WISH] FoodBook Tips Add-on
[WISH] WooCommerce Product View in AR (Augmented Reality) | 3D Product View
[WISH] Ultimate WooCommerce Mini Ajax Cart - Floating, Sliding, Popup Cart Plugin For WordPress
[WISH] SCD Whatsapp Chat & WooCommerce Order on Whatsapp
[WISH] WP Online Contract Multisite Integration
[WISH] Bulk Discounts - WooCommerce Product Category Discount
[WISH] Eletestimonial - Testimonial Plugin For Elementor
[WISH] Wooprofil: Woocommerce Products Search and Filter WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Auction Lots for iBid Theme
[WISH] StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce
[WISH] Multistep Checkout with Phone Number Login
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Open Pricing Plugin
[WISH] Testimoner – Reviews with Microdata for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Binary Multi Level Marketing [MLM]
[WISH] SYNO Before After Image Comparison Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce - Payconiq integration
[WISH] WooCommerce Page Builder For Avada and Fusion Builder
[WISH] WordPress Multilingual Multisite
[WISH] Reach us on Whats App
[WISH] Order on WhatsApp for WooCommerce
[WISH] WordPress Post SlideShow
[WISH] Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Customer Tracking | Record User Activities
[WISH] WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form - B2B Order Table
[WISH] WP Mini Map | WordPress Page Content Map Plugin
[WISH] Notify - WooCommerce Recent Sales Popups ( Live Sales Notification )
[WISH] xPin - Image Markers
[WISH] Google reCAPTCHA For WordPress & WooCommerce
[WISH] Teamber | Team Member Collection for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Conditional Shipping & Payment Methods
[WISH] WooCommerce Biometric Login | Fingerprint | Web Authentication (WebAuthn)
[WISH] ARMember Chat & Tickets App for Support Board
[WISH] Maintenance Notice Pro - Coming Soon & Under Construction Mode
[WISH] Popup Box - WordPress plugin for easy create Popups
[WISH] Lorem Text - WordPress Plugin - Classic Editor Addon
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Stock Quantity Reduction
[WISH] WooCommerce Shipping Icons And Description
[WISH] LinkedIn for WP Job Manager
[WISH] WooCommerce PDF Vouchers - Bundle Pack
[WISH] WooCommerce WebAR (Augmented Reality) Product
[WISH] WooCommerce Review Master - WooCommerce review and rating tools
[WISH] Bookingo - Course Booking System for WordPress
[WISH] Icon Box Widget for Elementor
[WISH] Progress Map, Directions
[WISH] GroceryBook Multidelivery Fees Add-on
[WISH] GroceryBook Multibranch Add-on
[WISH] Materializor - Elementor Material Design Widgets & Icons
[WISH] GroceryBook | Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery Management System for WordPress
[WISH] Full Page Intro And Navigation Addon for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] Fullscreen WordPress Menu - FullScreen Menu Awesome
[WISH] Car Park Booking System for WordPress
[WISH] Product additional information for EDD
[WISH] WooCommerce Order Status Per Product
[WISH] iSermons - WordPress Sermons Manager Plugin
[WISH] Floating Cart for WooCommerce
[WISH] Lottie Animations Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] WooCommerce SMS Notification by iBen
[WISH] WooCommerce Reserve Stock: Reserve Quantity on Add to Cart
[WISH] Performance YouTube Player Block for WordPress (Gutenberg)
[WISH] Flutterwave Payment Solutions and Bills Payment Services
[WISH] WordPress Accordion Plugin - Accordion Awesome Pro
[WISH] iComply - Cookie Notice for WordPress
[WISH] Easy Select and Share Pro
[WISH] Bijoux - Jewelry Shop
[WISH] WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods
[WISH] Glide Slider Addon for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] Advanced Slider Portfolio Builder
[WISH] WPGraphicator - SVG Animation Maker for WordPress
[WISH] WP Cloud Saver - WordPress File Sharing Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce FAQ - Product FAQs
[WISH] CF7 Envato Market Item Support Request - Contact Form 7 Support Form With Purchase Code Verification
[WISH] Pipedrive CRM Integration - Elementor Pro Form Widget
[WISH] Class Timetable - Responsive Schedule For WordPress
[WISH] Website Migration - WordPress
[WISH] Jeg Font Preview - WooCommerce Extension WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Quoramatic - Questions and Answers Post Generator Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Customize Post Categories for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] WooCommerce Food Labels
[WISH] FoodBook Multi-delivery Fees Add-on
[WISH] Master Telegram Chat Initiator for WordPress
[WISH] WPTerminal - Shell-like environment for WordPress
[WISH] Cryptocurrency Search Addon
[WISH] Graphina Firebase (Add-on)
[WISH] WooCommerce Variation Swatches Master
[WISH] Quick Timetable For WordPress
[WISH] Projectify Pro - Advance Project Management System
[WISH] Front-end Entries View For ARForms
[WISH] Layouts for Elementor Pro
[WISH] WooCommerce One Page Product Manager - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Easy Booked - Appointment Booking and Scheduling Management System for WordPress
[WISH] Simple Woo Reviews - Review Pack for Woocommerce
[WISH] Item Lists Pro for Elementor
[WISH] Traveler Bokun (Add-on)
[WISH] Internal Messaging System for WordPress
[WISH] Stuart for WooCommerce (support Dokan & YITH Multivendor)
[WISH] WooCommerce First Purchase Discount Promotion - Subscribe Popup - Coupon Emails
[WISH] EP WooCommerce Advanced Checkout Addons
[WISH] WooCommerce Multi Vendor Request for Quote
[WISH] WooCommerce UPS Shipping Pro - Live Rates, Print Label & Tracking
[WISH] Chase Paymentech Gateway For WooCommerce
[WISH] WordPress Post View Counter
[WISH] Master WhatsApp Chat For WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Voice Search Plugin
[WISH] Marketplace Tier Based Pricing for WooCommerce
[WISH] Authorize.Net Gateway for WooCommerce
[WISH] Custom Search Element for Avada Builder
[WISH] Elementor - Ultimate Magic Popup
[WISH] WooCommerce Tier Based Pricing
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Email Verification - Verify Email and Phone Number
[WISH] WooCommerce Reservable Products
[WISH] WP Smart Recruit - Jobs Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Shipio - WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar
[WISH] Social Stream Designer - Instagram Facebook Twitter Feed - Social media Feed Grid Gallery Plugin
[WISH] Customize WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] e-Path Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] Nl Hover - Widget for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Shipping Pro for Canada Post
[WISH] Save for Later with WooCommerce
[WISH] DT - Store Locator WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WPB Membership - Restrict Content for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] MT WooCommerce Fake Variation Links
[WISH] Team Grid - Team Member Showcase WordPress Plugin & Team Editor
[WISH] SW Quick Tools - Quick View Popup WooCommerce WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Ekiprent - Equipment Rental & Booking WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel - Order Bump
[WISH] WooCommerce Dynamic Price Manager
[WISH] Single Product Checkout For WooCommerce
[WISH] Quick Testimonial For WordPress
[WISH] B2BKing Company Credit - WooCommerce Line of Credit System (Add-on)
[WISH] Advanced Product Stock Status For WooCommerce
[WISH] WordPress Contact Form 7 Multistep
[WISH] Showoff Two - The Stachethemes Gallery Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Active Analytics
[WISH] WooCommerce Speedex Courier Voucher & Label
[WISH] Simple Dashboard Theme / Admin Theme for WordPress
[WISH] 3D Carousel Stack Gallery - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Customize My Account Pro
[WISH] Eleteams - Team Member Plugin For Elementor
[WISH] MT Knowledgebase & Changelog WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Advanced Activecampaign integration with ARForms
[WISH] Order Notifications for WooCommerce
[WISH] DT LMS - LMS, Online Courses & Education WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Searchina: Search and Filter Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WP Freshbooks Client Portal
[WISH] Addons Bundle for Lumise Product Designer
[WISH] Create custom call and social button for WordPress
[WISH] Integrate AWeber and Contact Form 7
[WISH] Differ - Before and After widget for Elementor
[WISH] Waitlist for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Advanced Payment Gateways Reporting Manager
[WISH] Role Based Payment Gateway Fees For WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Carousel plugin
[WISH] DT - Directory WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Clockinator Pro - Time Management system
[WISH] MVCP: Multi Variation Custom Post WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Homipro - Estate Sale and Property Rental WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Elementor Widget for Contact Form 7
[WISH] WooCommerce Real3D Flipbook Addon
[WISH] WP Send
[WISH] Order Barcode Plugin | A Barcode Generator
[WISH] Kivicare Pro - Clinic & Patient Management System EHR (Add-on)
[WISH] Wordpress Bulk Posts & Custom Posts Editing
[WISH] SYNO WooCommerce Product Carousel
[WISH] Elementor - Ultimate Bundle One
[WISH] WooCommerce PDF Vouchers : Import Voucher Codes add-on
[WISH] Buildguy - Handyman Renovation Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] Elements Share for Elementor
[WISH] Stratum Pro - Elementor Widgets
[WISH] Advanced Aweber integration with ARForms
[WISH] WooCommerce Order History Communication
[WISH] Stratum Mega Menu for Elementor
[WISH] PS WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup
[WISH] WooCommerce Dimension Search
[WISH] Album Gallery – WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin
[WISH] Super Floating and Fly Menu - Sticky, side, one page navigator, off-canvas menu plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Rating Stars Messages for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Shop the Look
[WISH] SKU Shortlink For WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Chatbot for Messenger - Sales Channel
[WISH] WooCommerce Bulk Coupons Editing
[WISH] EventoZilla - Event Calendar - Addon For WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Image Box addon - widget for Elementor
[WISH] WordPress Cloud Manager | Dropbox - Google Drive - S3 Folder Sharing
[WISH] Hotel Booking & Mailchimp Integration
[WISH] Store Locator (Google Map)
[WISH] Elementor Pro Form Widget - ProsperWorks (Copper) CRM - Integration
[WISH] WooCommerce Sale Countdowns & Triggers
[WISH] 3D Photo Wall - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Multiple Addresses
[WISH] Brona Audio Player With Playlist Elementor Widget
[WISH] WooCommerce Add Mail Account
[WISH] Share WhatsApp Plugin
[WISH] YouTube Widgets - Addon for elementor page builder
[WISH] 3D Photo Queue - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] PayPal Donation plugin for Contact Form 7 - Accept Charity Payments and Donations through CF7
[WISH] 3D Photo Cloud - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] 3D Photo Tile - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] 3D Photo Row - WordPress Media Plugin
[WISH] Payfast integration with ARForms
[WISH] WooCommerce Mini Cart Widget for Elementor
[WISH] Elementor Widget - CountDown PRO - Events/Products Launch
[WISH] WooCommerce Bulk Orders Editing
[WISH] Instagram Feed For Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Order Communication | Customer and Admin Conversation
[WISH] Extra Product Options for WooCommerce
[WISH] FarmFactory - assets staking & yield farming on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon
[WISH] WordPress Plugins MEGA Bundle, by Bonfire
[WISH] Fitness Studio - Indoor Cycling and Treadmill booking for WordPress and WooCommerce
[WISH] Hotel Booking Notifier – Event-Driven Emails
[WISH] Cardiology calculators for WordPress
[WISH] EDD Advanced Permalinks
[WISH] WooCommerce Cart PDF
[WISH] Body Calculators for WordPress: BMI, BFP, BAI, Body Fat, Ideal weight and others
[WISH] WooCommerce Variable Pricing Calculator (Measurement Pricing)
[WISH] Classipro - Classified Ads WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Elementor Addons
[WISH] WordPress WooCommerce Custom Product Label
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Share For Discounts | Share to Earn
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Thank you & Order Confirmation Page
[WISH] WooCommerce ACS Courier Voucher & Label
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Email Template Builder
[WISH] Date Time Picker for WPForms WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Ninja Forms Email Template Builder
[WISH] Bookly Email Template Builder
[WISH] Bookly Discounts (Add-on)
[WISH] Date Time Picker for Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Mighty Tables | Add sorting, search, filters, and highlighting to your tables
[WISH] DeepDocs - Documentation and Knowledge Base Plugin
[WISH] Viral Subscription - WordPress plugin for creating a viral opt-in form
[WISH] WordPress Social Share And Highlight Text
[WISH] Woorefi - WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields
[WISH] Min and Max Order total, quantity for WooCommerce
[WISH] Sahar Animated Grid | Elementor Image Grid
[WISH] Cleaning Services Booking Management for WordPress and WooCommerce
[WISH] Salah Time, Fasting Time Calendar WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Quick Events For WordPress
[WISH] Pricing Table addon - widget for Elementor
[WISH] Deal - Bargain price Management for WooCommerce
[WISH] WP File Access Manager - Easy Way to Restrict WordPress Uploads
[WISH] WooCommerce Display Variations As Single Product On Catalog Pages
[WISH] RealHomes Property Expirator
[WISH] WooCommerce Rich Snippets & Schema Plugin
[WISH] Stock Photos - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Floating Minicart
[WISH] Rouen - An E-learning Education WordPress Theme
[WISH] Insubex | Multipurpose Consulting WordPress Theme
[WISH] Assurena - Insurance Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Search And Bulk Order Plugin
[WISH] Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode
[WISH] Advance Accordion for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] WP Plugin Manager Pro - Deactivate plugins per page
[WISH] Title Animo | Animated Page Titles for WordPress
[WISH] Social Page Feed Box WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Energy+ A beautiful admin panel for WooCommerce
[WISH] WPForms Google Spreadsheet Addon
[WISH] Go Night Pro | Dark Mode / Night Mode WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date For Shipping Method
[WISH] Lottie/Bodymovin Animations for Divi Theme
[WISH] Cards Maker Wordpress
[WISH] Zoomy for Beaver Builder - High-res Zoomable Image Viewer
[WISH] Miranda - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme
[WISH] Dilevars - Transportation & Logistics WordPress Theme
[WISH] Categories and Products Grid Listing for WooCommerce
[WISH] Quick View Of WooCommerce Products
[WISH] PayPal Green Downloads - WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WordPress Structured Schema for Post Types
[WISH] WooCommerce Bulk Edit Product Prices Plugin
[WISH] GProducts - Amazon Affiliates Products Boxes Block
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Tab Manager
[WISH] Traveler Optimize (Add-on) [ADDED]
[WISH] Snow Effect WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Bootstrap Pricing Table for WordPress
[WISH] Multiple Wishlists for WooCommerce
[WISH] WP Image Zoom | Medium Like Image Zoom / Lightbox for WordPress
[WISH] Stellar – Star Rating plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Scratch Coupon Card WordPress plugin
[WISH] Noo Team Member - Addon for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] Promo Mail - Email Marketing WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Spectacle - Music WordPress Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Marketplace Adyen Payment For WooCommerce
[WISH] Ultimate Add To Cart Notification For WooCommerce
[WISH] WPQA - Builder forms Addon For WordPress
[WISH] Ask Me - Responsive Questions & Answers WordPress
[WISH] HI 404 Builder - 404 Page Builder For Elementor
[WISH] Grammar Matters - Automatic Grammar Checker Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] TabWoo - Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce
[WISH] Noo Products Layouts - WooCommerce Addon for Elementor Page Builder
[WISH] Maxbot - Chatbot Builder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] TOGO - Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme
[WISH] Telegram Chat for WordPress
[WISH] Monkey VAT & TAX Calculator
[WISH] GoPay Payments Gateway for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Price Note Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce NAB Transact Payment Gateway Extension
[WISH] Photography Addons for WPBakery Page Builder - Photobakery
[WISH] Woo Header Mini Cart
[WISH] WooCommerce Zapier Extension Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce PayTrace Payment Gateway
[WISH] Azim | Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
[WISH] Armadon - Gaming Community WordPress Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Akomo - Resort and Hotel WordPress Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Increase/Decrease Carts inactivity in WooCommerce Bookings
[WISH] WPHobby Addons for Elementor
[WISH] WooCommerce Products Showcase for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Bold Timeline - WordPress Timeline Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Customer History Plugin
[WISH] Roomzio - Real Estate WordPress Theme
[WISH] Pulse Animation - Map pulsating for WordPress
[WISH] WordPress Twilio SMS Integration
[WISH] Business hours widget for Elementor – Worker
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin
[WISH] Aethos - Creative Agency and Portfolio Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Medium Like Minutes To Read | WordPress Read Time Plugin
[WISH] Elavon Converge Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] Elementor Pro Form Google Spreadsheet Addon
[WISH] Invent Slider for Elementor [ADDED]
[WISH] BoroBazar - Daily Needs WooCommerce WordPress theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Nicex - Creative Portfolio Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Group Buy Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] MobiKwik (Zaakpay) Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] Coupon Listing Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] Minimum and Maximum Amounts for WooCommerce Payment Gateways
[WISH] Role Based Add-To-Cart / Price Hide For Woocommerce
[WISH] Network Merchants Payment Gateway WooCommerce
[WISH] Popup Maker - WordPress Popup Plugin
[WISH] Ultimate Tabs - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Blogmentor Pro for Elementor
[WISH] ARB Google Calendar (Add-On)
[WISH] Spin to Win Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] Hi Slider - Post Carousel
[WISH] ARG Contact Form 7 Multi Step
[WISH] Woo Advance Check Shipping and COD Availability Using Pincode/Zipcode
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Range Slider
[WISH] FedEx Return Label Using Ninja Form
[WISH] Advanced Social Network All-in-One Suites For WordPress
[WISH] Contentomatic - "Article Builder" & "Article Forge" Post Generator Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] ARB | Appointment Reservation and Booking Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] Transition Slider WPBakery Page Builder Addon
[WISH] WooCommerce Extra Fee or discount
[WISH] FireMX Premium Email Forward Services
[WISH] WooCommerce Video Gallery Plugin
[WISH] Approve New User Registration WordPress & WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] YouTube or Vimeo Gallery Widget for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Pregnancy Calculators for WordPress.
[WISH] Asgard - Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder - Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more!
[WISH] Bulk Spreadsheet Product Manager for WooCommerce and WP E-commerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Exclude Tax For Specific Customers - Tax Exempt Plugin
[WISH] Minimal Audio Plugin WpBakery Addon
[WISH] WooCommerce QuickBooks Connector Plugin
[WISH] Responsive Price Table Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Multi Step - Split Long Form into Multi Step
[WISH] Medical Prescription Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] YouTube or Vimeo Gallery - Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Booking Master - Appointment Booking and Scheduling
[WISH] Show WooCommerce Product Variations Dropdown on Shop Page Plugin
[WISH] WordPress Post Table
[WISH] Masonry Hexagon Grid Gallery Pro Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Call To Action for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Marketplace Vendor Attribute Manager for WooCommerce
[WISH] Restaurant Reservation - Table Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce
[WISH] Marketplace MangoPay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Referral Scheme WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Gravity Forms Date Range Picker
[WISH] Multi Vendor PayUmoney Payment Gateway for WooCommerce
[WISH] RS Logo Showcase - Logo Showcase WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WP AMP ACF (Add-on)
[WISH] Employee And HR Manager Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Additional Information Plugin - Product Tabs Manager
[WISH] Hover Element - The Ultimate Elementor Hover Addon
[WISH] WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin
[WISH] Revealer – Navigation popup for WordPress links
[WISH] WOLF - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor and Manager Professional
[WISH] WooCommerce Google Shopping Ads Integration by Elartica
[WISH] WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway with latest API.
[WISH] Post Blocks For Elementor
[WISH] Yacht Boat Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce
[WISH] Super Sidebar for WordPress
[WISH] Bufferomatic - Auto Post To Buffer
[WISH] Speaker – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Icon Box - Elementor Addon Plugin
[WISH] Etsyomatic - Etsy Affiliate Automatic Post Generator WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Show Single Variations in loop
[WISH] EDD Stripe Payment Gateway
[WISH] EDD Braintree Payment Gateway
[WISH] WordPress Plugin to Display Your Facebook Group Feed
[WISH] WordPress Project Management
[WISH] WooCommere Point of Sale
[WISH] Password Protected Categories, Products & Pages Plugin For WooCommerce
[WISH] Gravity Forms international phone input
[WISH] SmartMenu - Responsive jQuery Mega Menu WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Divi Builder Image Hover Add-on
[WISH] (Finland) Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] FirstData Payeezy Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin
[WISH] Elasticsearch for WooCommerce
[WISH] Related Products Manager Pro for WooCommerce
[WISH] WooCommerce Variations as Products
[WISH] WooCommerce Tiered Pricing
[WISH] Elfi Masonry Filter Addon for Elementor
[WISH] Vigur Theme - WordPress Admin Theme
[WISH] WooCommerce Adding Order from FrontEnd
[WISH] Pin Payments for WooCommerce
[WISH] Three-D Accordion for Elementor
[WISH] NMI Payments for WooCommerce
[WISH] Easy Twitter Embedded Feed
[WISH] Simple Progressive Web App ( PWA ) for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Tiered Pricing - Price By Quantity Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Dashboard for WP Marketplace & Multi Vendor
[WISH] WordFex - Syncronize WordPress with Perfex
[WISH] Build Up WooCommerce - Features Bundle Pack
[WISH] WooCommerce Box Products - Multi Step Order Builder Plugin
[WISH] MailtoPro | Advanced Mailto Links for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Coupons Pro Plugin
[WISH] WP Let It Snow Wordpress Plugin
[WISH] Image Comparison - Before and After slider for WooCommerce
[WISH] Slider - Image Slider Wordpress
[WISH] ReviewBucket - Business review bundle WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WordPress Job board Solution
[WISH] Portfolio Builder - Post/Product/Portfolio Masonry Filter Elementor Addon Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Buy Button Plugin
[WISH] WooComerce Custom Price
[WISH] Fancy WordPress Team Showcase
[WISH] Gravity Forms Work Hours Field
[WISH] WooComerce Conditional Payment Gateway
[WISH] WooCommerce Mini Cart – Menu Cart Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Cart Plugin - Ultimate Shopping Cart Solution
[WISH] Portfolio - Post/Product/Portfolio Masonry Filter WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Customizer
[WISH] Master Addons - Forefront Addons for Elementor
[WISH] Elementor Pro Form Widget - Zoho CRM & Zoho Desk - Integration
[WISH] Transition Slider Elementor Addon
[WISH] RS Elements - Addon For Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
[WISH] RnB Seasonal Pricing (Add-on)
[WISH] Contact Form 7 Notification Attachment
[WISH] WooCommerce Products Layout for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Sticky Buttons for WordPress - builder beautiful floating menu with different actions
[WISH] WooCommerce Gift Plugin
[WISH] Flip Time Countdown Builder - Responsive Countdown Countup and Clock Builder for WordPress
[WISH] Author Bio For Elementor
[WISH] WPKit For Elementor | Advanced Elementor Widgets Collection & Parallax Layer
[WISH] WooSmart | Products Catalog and Showcase for WooCommerce
[WISH] WP All Import Remote Images with Cache Add-on
[WISH] Product Size chart Plugin for WooCommerce
[WISH] WP Subscription Forms PRO
[WISH] WooCommerce Advanced Request a Quote
[WISH] WordPress FAQ Plugin
[WISH] Recent Posts For Elementor
[WISH] Multi Vendor Social Feeds for WooCommerce
[WISH] Blocks by User Role for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Update Variations in Cart Plugin
[WISH] Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets
[WISH] WooCommerce Product Description Plugin - Show on Shop Page
[WISH] WooCommerce Accept.Blue Payment Gateway
[WISH] TGomatic - Telegram Bot
[WISH] WooCommerce FreshBooks Integration
[WISH] WooCommerce Sitemap Plugin | WordPress Sitemap Plugin
[WISH] Image Slider - Addon for WPBakery Page Builder
[WISH] Age Verification for WordPress
[WISH] Monkey Budget Planner
[WISH] DeBlocker – Anti AdBlock for WordPress
[WISH] WP Share A Friend
[WISH] WooCommerce Photography Plugin - Sell Photos Online
[WISH] WooSocial - WooCommerce Social Login WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Spider Spin2Win WooCommerce Coupon Code
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Delivery Schedular - Delivery Date & Time Slots
[WISH] WidKit - Elementor Widgets Pack for WordPress
[WISH] WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications
[WISH] Voicer – Text to Speech Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] Page Preloaders - WordPress Plugin with Preload Animations
[WISH] Subscribe to Download - An advanced subscription plugin for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Product Add-Ons
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields
[WISH] WooCommerce Private Store - Shop For Registered Users Plugin
[WISH] Bootstrap Toast - Responsive WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin
[WISH] PDF Embed - WordPress PDF Viewer plugin
[WISH] WordPress Form Builder - Green Forms
[WISH] DHE Form - WordPress Form Builder with Elementor
[WISH] Exit Intent Popup WordPress Plugin
[WISH] JValidate Envato Purchase Code Verifier Plugin for WordPress
[WISH] WooCommerce Order Support Ticket Management
[WISH] WP Multi Lingo
[WISH] Github Commit Contribution Graph Plugin For WordPress
[WISH] XL Progress - Reading Progress Indicator, Circular Cursor and Back to Top Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Ladies Shirt Tailor
[WISH] ChatBot for FaceBook Messenger
[WISH] WooCommerce My Account Page Plugin, Edit & Customize Account Page
[WISH] Bootstrap Modal - Responsive WordPress Plugin
[WISH] Logo Showcase for Elementor WordPress Plugin
[WISH] WooCommerce Show Single Variations On Shop & Category Plugin
[WISH] Breakdance - The Website Builder You Always Wanted [ADDED]
[WISH] Vibrance - Product & Event Photography Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Luxus - Real Estate WordPress Theme
[WISH] SturdyFix - Handyman and Maintenance Services Theme
[WISH] Roxal - Hotel booking WordPress Theme
[WISH] Starbelly - Restaurant WordPress Theme
[WISH] Medinik - Doctor & Medical WordPress Theme
[WISH] Boomrom – Cosmetic & Beauty Shop WordPress theme
[WISH] Ethrik - NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme
[WISH] Valik - Creative Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Partytent - Event Rental WordPress Theme
[WISH] Hotelzo - Luxury Hotel WordPress Theme
[WISH] Provetta – Laboratory & Science Research WordPress Theme
[WISH] Jocey - Equestrian & Riding Club WordPress Theme
[WISH] Sequoia | Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme
[WISH] Sunlux - Solar and Renewable Energy WordPress Theme
[WISH] Zumma - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] IT Solutions Service
[WISH] OchaHouse - Organic Tea Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme
[WISH] Demus - Furniture WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] CoachFocus - Coaching & Online Courses WordPress Theme
[WISH] Durotan - WooCommerce WordPress Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Akola - Organic & Food Store WordPress Theme
[WISH] Ealain | Digital Artist Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Figma
[WISH] Resumo | Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Everly - WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme
[WISH] Plantish Plant Responsive WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Turio - Travels Tourism Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Epora - Online Courses & Education WordPress Theme
[WISH] Rush - Esports & Gaming WordPress Theme
[WISH] NadTek - IT Solutions & Technology WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gadgeto - Electronics Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Lorne - Creative Portfolio Theme
[WISH] Kropp - Fitness and Gym Theme
[WISH] GamFi - IGO Launchpad WordPress Theme
[WISH] Mechon - Car Service & Repair WordPress Theme
[WISH] Liquory - Drinks Shop WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Kbiz - Business and Corporate WordPress Theme
[WISH] Orgarium - Agriculture & Organic Farm WordPress Theme
[WISH] Aelpa - Nonprofit Charity WordPress Theme
[WISH] Organek - Agriculture & Organic Food WordPress
[WISH] Lowlead - Attorney & Lawyers WordPress Theme
[WISH] Techmax - IT Solutions & Technology Theme
[WISH] Binario - Digital Solutions WordPress Theme
[WISH] Minimo – Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Facultic - Online Education Courses WordPress Theme
[WISH] Medimall - Medical WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Finibus - Software and Digital Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Taranto - WordPress Portfolio for Creatives
[WISH] Mission - Church & Religion Multipurpose WordPress Theme
[WISH] Upland - Responsive App Landing Theme
[WISH] Satka - Satellite TV & Internet Provider WordPress Theme
[WISH] Agrios - Agriculture Farming WordPress Theme
[WISH] Stanley – Modern Fashion WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Dinex - One Page Restaurant WordPress Theme
[WISH] Axial – Construction Company WordPress Theme
[WISH] Marcello - Pizza Restaurant Theme
[WISH] Bambino - Child & Baby Care, Kindergarten, Preschool
[WISH] Busico – Multipurpose Business Theme
[WISH] Barnix - Consulting & Finance Theme
[WISH] Sassio - SaaS Software & App WordPress Theme
[WISH] Maxdi - Creative Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Ters | Contemporary Event WordPress Theme
[WISH] Chefmaster - Restaurant WordPress Theme
[WISH] Mentoring - elearning, Learning Management System & Education WordPress Theme
[WISH] Green Grocery - Online Supermarket & Organic Food eCommerce Theme
[WISH] Nico - Creative & NFT-affiliate WordPress Theme
[WISH] Yodden - Broadband & Internet Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] Zourney - Travel Tour Booking WordPress Theme
[WISH] Eskil - Furniture Store Theme
[WISH] Amozo - Digital Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Lockey - CCTV and Security Systems WordPress Theme
[WISH] Medicum – Psychology & Counseling WordPress Theme
[WISH] Fintex - Consulting & Financial WordPress Theme
[WISH] PetPuzzy - Pet Shop WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] FinMag - Modern Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] Miles - Creative Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Mainko - Repair & Maintenance Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] SeedOne - Agriculture WordPress theme
[WISH] Industico - Industry and Manufacturers WordPress Theme
[WISH] Jobster - Smart Job Board WordPress Theme
[WISH] Ingl - Coworking Spaces WordPress Theme
[WISH] Abelle - Beauty Salon Elementor WordPress Theme
[WISH] Botiga Pro WooCommerce Theme [ADDED]
[WISH] Petit - Kindergarten School Theme
[WISH] Propaty - Single Property WordPress Theme
[WISH] Kitchor - Interior Design WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gazolin - Industry & Manufacturing WordPress Theme
[WISH] Fonix | Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] Dogart - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Orbito - Creative Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Fabiflex - Textile Industry WordPress Theme
[WISH] SocialV - Social Network and Community BuddyPress Theme
[WISH] Richmond - Luxury Hotel Booking Theme
[WISH] Artico - Business Consulting WordPress Theme
[WISH] Ruposhi - Actor Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Fuzze - Auto Glass Repair WordPress Theme
[WISH] Weldlfe - Wildlife WordPress Theme
[WISH] Neoh - NFT Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Splendour - Jewelry & Watches WordPress Theme
[WISH] Newsify - Modern Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] Brote - Cleaning Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] Arctit- Ajax Architecture WordPress theme
[WISH] Roonix - Roofing Services WordPress Theme
[WISH] DoGood - Charity & Nonprofit Theme
[WISH] Crysa - IT Solutions WordPress Theme
[WISH] Retirio - Architecture and Interior WordPress Theme
[WISH] The Workout - Trainer Fitness WordPress Theme
[WISH] Businoz - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] Ronmi - Architecture and Interior Design WordPress Theme
[WISH] Gleaming - Spa and Beauty WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Shayo | Fashion & Apparel WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] BizWiz - Business Consulting WordPress Theme
[WISH] Clotya - Fashion Store eCommerce Theme
[WISH] Bygge - Construction Theme
[WISH] Garda - Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Theme
[WISH] Adventz - Corporate Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] Wyatt - Creative Portfolio Theme
[WISH] Kubik - An unusual digital blog & magazine
[WISH] Hoka - Web Hosting & IT Solutions WordPress Theme
[WISH] Beurré - Elegant Restaurant Theme
[WISH] BabyCare - Kids Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme
[WISH] Cash Grant - Loans and Financial Services WordPress Theme for Small Business
[WISH] Viva - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
[WISH] Dezily - Cardiology Medical WordPress Theme
[WISH] Reparar - Repair & Construction WordPress
[WISH] Oswo | Multi Purpose WordPress Theme
[WISH] Sultin - Consulting WordPress theme
[WISH] Podover - Podcast Wordpress Theme
[WISH] Tutorly | Booking Marketplace WordPress Theme
[WISH] Serity - CCTV and Security Cameras WordPress Theme
[WISH] Nerox - Agency & Portfolio WordPress Theme + RTL
[WISH] Dionis - Winery & Vineyard WordPress Theme
[WISH] Sawmall - Carpenter and Craftman WordPress Theme
[WISH] Pixetty - Photographer Booking Theme
[WISH] Woodza - Carpenter And Woodwork WordPress Theme
[WISH] Top Dog - All-in-One Elementor Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] NFTLY - NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme
[WISH] Archicon - Architecture and Construction Theme
[WISH] Magezix - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] WordPress Media Library Folders - FileBase [ADDED]
[WISH] Bernstein - Lawyer, Attorney & Law Office
[WISH] Lovims - Nonprofit Charity WordPress
[WISH] Tain - Driving School WordPress Theme
[WISH] Odhomz - Senior Care WordPress
[WISH] Charie - Crowdfunding Charity WordPress
[WISH] Planty - Industrial Fabric & Factory WordPress Theme
[WISH] Kinco - Kindergarten Theme
[WISH] Decision - Law & Lawyer WordPress Theme
[WISH] Tecno - Creative Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Deppex - Showcase Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] BodyHealth | Fitness & Workout WordPress Theme
[WISH] Doctio - Medical Health WordPress Theme
[WISH] Vibenews - Digital News Magazine Theme
[WISH] Catamaran - Yacht Club & Boat Rental WordPress theme
[WISH] Cavani - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Neftron – NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme
[WISH] Xmoze - Saas Software Startup WordPress
[WISH] Wanzor - Pet WordPress Theme
[WISH] Zad -Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] 911 - Police Station & Fire Department WordPress Theme
[WISH] Rotors - Retail Cars WordPress theme
[WISH] Xatcro - Factory Industrial WordPress
[WISH] Zelwn - Lawyer Attorney WordPress
[WISH] Buconz - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] Attonio | Lawyer Elementor WordPress Theme
[WISH] The Practitioner - Doctor and Medical WordPress Theme
[WISH] Dom - House Services Elementor WordPress Theme
[WISH] Medicim - Medical Health WordPress
[WISH] Maruncy - Marketing Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Kologi - Environment Ecology WordPress
[WISH] Furgan - Furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Elsass - Wine Shop and Vineyard WordPress Theme
[WISH] Bepro - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme
[WISH] Eduman – Education & Online Courses WordPress Theme
[WISH] THE CAPPA - Luxury Hotel WordPress Theme
[WISH] Agon - Multipurpose Agency WordPress Theme
[WISH] Kristo - Modern Magazine WordPress Theme
[WISH] Idonte - Charity NonProfit WordPress
[WISH] Lilium - Modern WooCommerce Theme
[WISH] Educosta - Education WordPress Theme
[WISH] Elymor - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
[WISH] Zihom - Real Estate WordPress Theme
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