Gravity Forms Geolocation Add-on

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Hi guys, this needs a license to work?


Please note that there is no license key required in order to use this plugin. The license key is only required in order to activate automatic updates. You can simply install our Festinger Vault plugin and activate automatic updates from there :slight_smile:

Hey this plugin doesn’t work when downloaded from here, I modify the class-gmw-licence.php to null it with 12345 licence

Feel free to write me to get the modified files :wink:

$license_data->remote_connection = false;
			$license_data->license_name      = $form_args['license_name'];

			if ( 'valid' === $license_data->license ) {

				$license_data->notice_message = 'activated';
				$license_data->notice_action  = 'updated';

				$license_keys[ $license_name ]['key']    = '12345';
				$license_keys[ $license_name ]['status'] = 'valid';

				update_option( 'gmw_license_data', $license_keys );

			} elseif ( 'invalid' === $license_data->license ) {

				$license_data->notice_message = $license_data->error;
				$license_data->notice_action  = 'error';

				$license_keys[ $license_name ]['key']    = $license_key;
				$license_keys[ $license_name ]['status'] = 'valid';

				update_option( 'gmw_license_data', $license_keys );

			} elseif ( 'deactivated' === $license_data->license || 'failed' === $license_data->license ) {

				$license_data->notice_message = 'deactivated';
				$license_data->notice_action  = 'updated';

				$license_keys[ $license_name ]['key']    = $license_key;
				$license_keys[ $license_name ]['status'] = 'valid';

				update_option( 'gmw_license_data', $license_keys );

I tweak some var in the constructor to make it work :wink:



I Like!



Your comment here is much appreciated. Thanks a lot man =)

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can you share with me the modified one please :slight_smile:

Hey @heymontez – thanks a lot for your comment here.

Please note that the uploaded version is already pre-activated =)

I still have this error when I uploaded on my site

@Ricoleharico @Festinger any thoughts about my issue?

Hi @heymontez – there is no need to bump us one hour after your reply. Thanks.

Please change the code by yourself as provided by @Ricoleharico.

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gravity geolocation plugin asking for activation. Please help to sort that

Hello @yousuf87gen,

Welcome here and please check this reply to pre-activate it: