FS Poster

Thanks for your reply @Billioner1 and we’re sorry for the delayed response.

@FestingerUpdates could you please replace this file asap? Thanks!

The file has been replaced, Reinstall the plugin.

I did it according to your instructions. I installed the FS plugin via the FestingerVault plugin = it still has an error. I downloaded it as a zip file, but = it still has a error. The problem occurs when the Hide My WP Ghost plugin is enabled with specific settings (also disabled if the changes were made on the web server according to Hide My WP Ghost instructions). Hide My WP Ghost requires changes to server settings and permissions in WP files, but I have no idea what changes/permissions affect FS Poster. FS Support won’t help unless I provide the license code. Do you have any idea which parameter/setting might be blocking FS?

Any news?